Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open The Doors and Windows!

Finally Fall is making an appearance in New Orleans. This means the humidity is below 50% and the temperature will only go as high as 80 something during the day, and maybe drop to 60 something in the night. And it's not raining!

We live with the air conditioner on for at least eight months out of the year. And while we are grateful to have it, the house gets to be stuffy.

Scented candles help, and changing the air conditioner filters is a must. But still one longs for a breath of fresh air.

There a few days every year during the change of seasons, once in the Spring and the other in the Fall. The humidity and temperature drop, and the bugs are somewhere else.

The air conditioner clicks off, and that constant hum stops. The silence, a quiet house in the early morning, awakes us.

The dog feels frisky. In fact we feel it too. It actually feels naturally chilly, and I reach for a sweater to let the dog out.

Stepping on the porch is glorious! The whole city seems to be taking a deep breath.

I prop the front door open.

I open all the windows on the way to the kitchen at the back of our shotgun house.

The gentle breeze ruffles the curtains, and the cross ventilation is delicious.

Before I make coffee, I open the massive old cypress door in the kitchen at the very back off the house.

There's a view of the back garden I seldom see, and it draws me outside.

Our garden is hugely overgrown. Our yard man is sick, and I fear the worst for him. Years of being overwieght and coping with diabetis has taken its toll. I've been asking around the neighborhood for him, but no one knows anything. The sprouting wildflowers call his name.

I kind of like the wild meadow effect. I pull a few weeds, touch a few plants, marvel at the size of everything, espeically the banana trees, after a late Summer of plentiful rain.

Our dog Cholo is so happy. He brings me a soccer ball to kick or throw, and we enjoy the fine morning together.

Back in the house, everything is fresh again. Dust bunnies are tumbleweeds flying out the doors.
The scent of fresh brewed coffee, and fresh air should be bottled for those long eight months when the house is shut up like a crypt.

Even our dispositions get an airing out.

We talk about so many things that have be festering all Summer long, simmering and fermenting.

Airing out ones heart and soul is good to do once in awhile.

Blowing out the cobwebs and dust bunnies from the mind feels wonderful.

Soon it will get cold enough to shut up the house nice and tight again, and turn on the heat.

In the meantime open the windows and doors!

Hope you enjoyed the collection of images I gathered for you from Google Images.


GrannySmithGreen said...

I was just thinking about this last night. Really, in our region, we only have such a short "window" of opportunity to actually throw open the doors and windows. What a beautiful post! I'm off to open the windows!

my favorite and my best said...

here here! i love it! i woke up this morning and it was really COLD! have all the windows open (that will open). someone is burning leaves and it's heavenly.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

My sister said it was absolutely gorgeous there today. I miss it. Soon. Holidays in NO.

joanny said...

I walked through each room captivated by your words & pictures and my imagination, feeling the cool breezes and morning sunlit playing softly on the floor and walls and making the old wood table patina look like it was spun in golden honey, to finally arrive in the heart of the house the kitchen with the delightful smell of coffee and the outdoor table beckoning me to sit awhile with a friend and enjoy the last rays of summer give way to fall..

Then I went & looked out my window here in the beautiful North West THINKING: I love rain, but I really wish it wasn't today.

Thanks for the post
the dowser's daughter

Linda/"Mom" said...

*** One of your BEST BLOGS EVER, Val!!! Those pictures took me to soooo many wonderful places & helped recapture some truly HEARTWARMING memories! (PLUS, of course, gave me some FAB deco ideas, and I ALWAYS enjoy seeing a "blog w/ a dog"!!!! Tooooo sweet!!!)~~~

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! "A+", girlfriend!!!

Linda in AZ *

studioJudith said...

A lovely collection of images .. . and a lovely commentary, which took me back to my days in New Orleans. How rare those "throw open the doors & windows" are ! And beautiful french doors they are ... .
here's hoping you have more moments without the drone of the AC.