Monday, September 7, 2009

The Secret Swimming Hole - Happy Labor Day!

Some months ago I read about a secret swimming hole HERE and HERE
Click on images for larger photos.

It is in Brooklyn, and it is amazing for two reasons: where and how it's constructed, and that people were actually keeping the location secret. You had to be invited to swim.

This past July Alberto and I went to New York. We stayed with different friends during the two week holiday, our last domicile in Brooklyn.
One afternoon my friend Marcy and I were walking around her neighborhood, yakking it up, and I asked her if she had read the article in the New York Times about the secret swimming hole in Brooklyn. We were walking on a a street at the edge of her neighborhood, and I told her I just felt the secret pool had to be around here somewhere.

Well, a few days later Marcy burst in her front door after working all day. She was all excited. Apparently her next door neighbor had a key to the secret pool, and she wanted to show it to Marcy. Marcy came to get me, and off we went.

It was mere steps away from Marcy's front door! The sun was going down, and the neighbor knew how to turn on the lights. What an amazing place!

We weren't prepared to swim at night, so we promised to come back the next day. The neighbor told us how to gain access (ask for Jimbo at the gate). Marcy had to go to work, but Alberto and I decided to take a dip.

Marcy poolside at night

The place is set up for partying. Lounge chairs, tables and chairs, and a row of grills promise good times for sure!

Little party tents are set up too. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. There was someone there taking photos for a magazine, and after we said polite hellos, we left each other alone.

The location is an actual working site, a sort of storage facility for construction materials and equipment.

RVs, trucks, and fork lifts are parked all around. But I spy a little stripe tent.

It's a cabana!

There's even a bathroom. Well it's just a port-a-potty, but some crazy soul decorated with a collage of magazine pictures of glam beach and pool scenes.

There are a couple of pools that are connected by decking. Sand bags are under a plastic lining, and it's very comfy on the feet.

It's all so artistic, the juxtaposition of the skyline, and the site, and the colors of the pool toys and furniture.

There's a boccie court too!

Alberto bowled a few!

It was a hot July morning and the water was beckoning.

Mmmmm that feels so good!

I just had to play with the pool toys!

The water temperature was perfect. I haven't owned a swim suit in a zillion years! So I went Victorian style in leggings and a tank top.

This is the exit: Marcy's home is on the left in a row of houses behind the row of trees.

Summer has flown by so very fast! I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours.
Coming soon: Marcy's house. In the meantime go to her blog HERE to see photos of her neighborhood. With all the clues, you should be able to find the secret swimming hole. I don't know how much longer they'll leave it up since summer unofficially ends today.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to you to stumble upon the chic dumpster pool! (I read the article you linked - interesting how it started and what the future plans are)

Jan said...

What a fab surprise !
and you're looking good ! x

angelo said...

THIS is beyond awesome! Perfect.

Kwana said...

Holy Smokes! That has to be the most fun place in NY. You have taught this New Yorker something tonight. I love it! You both too so cute too.

pve design said...

I saw this several weeks ago, in the NY times, and thought it was quite clever. No wonder it found you.

Fifi Flowers said...

How FUN was this find!!! Love you with your floation device!

olivier lalin said...

Oh Boy I miss Brooklyn -