Thursday, September 24, 2009

Decorating With Pairs - Do The Autumn Shuffle

I flipped out this morning!

A change of season, means at least the furniture gets rearranged, though at this point I have exhausted all the options in my teeny living room! So I just sort of flip flop the sofa and the settee, along with a couple of tables. I also move the art around a bit, and edit the accessories.

Before the flip!
The top photo is now, the bottom photo before the Autumn shuffle

However this is the latest (and I think last) upgrade to the living room. The Big Girl Drapes were just added in here. I did the bedrooms and my office HERE all in silk, all lined beautifully with thermo-suede, so it was only a matter a time before I would add the living room to this luscious collection.

The new drapes! Marilyn and I love them!

The color is in the same family as the old drapes, a distressed Fortuny style poison green velvet that I had for nearly ten years.

Last year

Sans drapes - the Summer look I just changed

The new drape color is a chartreuse, shot with threads of purple. It has in iridescent quality, sort of like a man's silk sharkskin suit.

The color changes with the light. It is absolutely wonderful!

This shade of green has been a signature color of mine for years. I never get tired of it.
The drape s are a perfect addition for the Fall season. The green reminds me of a color of leaf that I see in Autumn.

It's not just about bright reds and yellows and oranges. There's a bright green leaf that appears too.

But speaking of red, I also added another pair of something in my office!

I had one of the turquoise lamps for my desk , and I got another one (from perch.). I like the pair of lamps on the desk. I'm a bit of pair queen. The symmetry of pairs calms my lively decor! At least that's the story I'm sticking to!. The shades are custom from perch. They're silk and just so luxe. I love the floral pattern.

I also added a white cow hide rug. I have had the brown and white hide rug for over a year now, and I find it the easiest thing to care for. Dirt and dog hair simply do not appear, and it is so easy when I rarely have to vacuum it. So I acquired the white hide from Argentina for my office. I think it adds a bit of warmth for the Fall, and coming Winter months.

A young woman came into the shop and picked up a pair of plates, and then put one back saying she was told she has too many pairs of things, and she's trying to reform. I laughed and asked if the decor police had been snooping around her house. I told her that each of us is attracted to the same things over and over for a reason, the reason being that those choices can be depended upon to make us feel in sync, to make us feel good. She bought one plate, but came back the next for the second one.

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Jaithan said...

Love it! Looks fantastic! Miss you darling!


Spencer Howard said...

Love the spaces... thanks for sharing!

The Architectural Antique Review

Anonymous said...

Your rooms are looking fab, so cozy and elegant. I'm always inspired by pics of your home. Love all the changes and new acquisitions!

Greet said...

I love the image of your office! I really would love to work there!
And I also try to bring in pairs!
The lamps on your desk are wonderful and all the colours are matching well there!
I also love your settee!Woow!


Jan said...

Good sales technique V.
Don't try to reform !

ArchitectDesign™ said...

OMG i just LOVE your house, as always!

my favorite and my best said...

love the autumn shuffle! everything is gorgeous!!

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

FABULOUS! Your home is truly stunning, love all the colors! (For some reason I always end up with beige and white, grr)

Cote de Texas said...

All I can hear now is Mick! thanks!

it looks so wonderful and I adore the curtains - that shade of green is so wonderful!

when are you going to s ay how you did in the contest????? Or should I just forget that? haha!!! lemme no.

Visual Vamp said...

Hi Joni,
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Your opinion means alot to me.
About the competition - we did good!
You can read all about it on our tango blog:

There's a ton of photos and stories and video clips.
I've been meaning to mean write something about it for VV, but I just haven't gotten to it!

xo xo

Renae said...

I adore your home and I need a lift...will you come do mine?

Anonymous said...

You're 60 years old and you still say "big girl" curtains.

Visual Vamp said...

Hey, hey, hey!
Is that any way to speak to your elders ha ha.
Yes I'm 60 years young, and I will say Big Girl Drapes, like forever.
It's taken me all these years to be able to appreciate the beauty of custom made drapes, and to be able to afford them.
One can still feel grown up and growing at any and all ages.
Being able to get something of quality, like your first good couch, or a first home to decorate, or Big Girl Drapes, makes you feel grown up.
As a decorator, there are many rites of passage we pass through.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment.
xo xo
PS And thanks for an idea for a future post!

jlonit said...

Beautiful. I love your place, it is daring and ever changing. I love your office desk. I have a similar desk which doubles as my dining room table.

Alkemie said...

Your home and the office looks so fantastic! Definitely your unique stamp on it :)