Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swedish Country Interiors Part 2 - How To Do This In Your Home

Here are some more great images from the hot new design book Swedish Country Interiors which you can get HERE.
It is such a wealth of inspiration, and any one of these images is sure to give you some ideas as how to bring a little Swedish Country into your decor scheme.
Click on images for a larger view.

Swedish decor is all about color
The fabric on the settee is Ralph Lauren, and very much like a Swedish textile

Take note of the checked curtains

This kitchen is the epitome of a simple well designed space
Add a sink skirt and open shelving in your own kitchen

Mora, mora, mora!
These clocks are THE signature Swedish design element

Love the floors, the old armoire, and the white bed linens
All key ingredients for a Swedish interior

Even the bathroom can have a touch of Swedish design
Add a painted Swedish antique table for a pop of color

An old painted Swedish chest, a simple rag rug runner
You can do this!

All the classics make this dining room perfect
Use upholstered chairs with a farm house table
Note the seagrass rug under the table

Two demi lune tables pushed together and an old oriental rug
Do this is your entry hall for some Swedish love!

The painted armoire is a key element- overpaint one you already have
Note the old bench and the blue buckets

This office space comes alive because of the old factory table
Check out the white accent pieces

A rare 18th century Swedish corner chair and small table, both with the original paint
Using one or two special pieces like this will give you an instant aura of a Swedish interior

This unpretentious kitchen is wonderful
Clear pine cabinets and white appaiances are refreshing
The skirted table is a nice unexpected element in a kitchen
The Gustavian style chairs are so Swedish

Bare floors are another element of the Swedish interior
A piece like the 18th century game table is another grace note that can transform a space

A pair of white upholstered arm chairs convey the simple symmetry of Swedish design

The ubiquitous white slip covers are something you may already have

Do you collect antique linens?
Showcase them in an armoire for a terrific statement

White painted built-ins, and the white painted table
Infuse your home office with Swedish Country styke this way
Check out the bright plaid on the chair seat

What can I say?
The perfect painted chest defines the Swedish interior
The graphic wall paper has birds among the vines, a classic Swedish motif

More clear pine and a farm house table are something you may already own
Bring it out of storage and use it for instant Swedish style

Huge armoires and chest on chests like this are something to invest in if you want a Swedish interior design

Sprigged floral fabric is another way to get instant Swedish style

Blue and white tiles on the fire place echo the look of an old Swedish stove

Such a modern looking room made Swedish by using double chandeliers
and of course the Mora clock and white slipcovers drive it home
Note all the blue fabric and the trunk used as a coffee table

Another perfect antique chest with a pair of Gustavian chairs
Over paint a pair of chairs and add check slips

If you have French things you can move them into a Swedish interpretation
The red check seat slips and the blue over painted furniture are very Swedish

Pare down the collections on display
Swedish style is a clean calm look

These old rakes are extraordinary
I love the decorative paint on them
Stencil an old rake for the same effect, and scour the market for rakes like these

This collection of busts along with the aged map
is a continental style that looks so right in the Swedish scheme of things
I spy a turned wood chandelier, another popular Swedish element

Please get the book and read all the details of the homes pictured above. There are so many interesting back stories of each one of these unique Swedish Country Interiors, and many more images that I haven't shown to you.
Nothing can ever replace holding a book in your hands.
I just wanted to share another little look book with you, in case you feel like styling a room or two this weekend.


Trouvais said...

You know...sort of a departure from the earlier photos...I really like the last photo the most...gorgeous limited color range. Thanks, Trish

Greet said...

Wonderful post!!!!
I can look at these pictures over and over again!
Thank you for sharing!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

there is a relaxed air to the style...lovely!

Rhonda said...

Thank you Valorie for again featuring our book!!! All of the gorgeous photos were taken by Jon Monson and L.Langdon Ergmann. We think they really captured the Swedish spirit in these American homes. Thank you so much for pointing out to your raders how very simple and easy it really is to infuse your home with some Swedish style!


Edie & Rhonda