Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Project - Take Some Pictures Of Your Home For The Apartment Therapy Room For Color Contest

You can officially enter the Apartment Therapy Room For Color Contest now by going HERE
It's fun to do! Take five photos of your room, and enter!

Come into my office! It's the most saturated color in the house.

My whole house is colorful. But you can only choose one room!

I'm hoping my office will catch their eye!

It's a hard room to photograph, and they prefer the whole picture as opposed to detail shots.

It's a viewer voting situation, so I'll let you know when and where and how to vote when I know about it, and maybe you'll throw the old vamp a bone.

If not, at least I had fun taking the photos, and doing the contest.
Let me know if you enter, and I'll get the word out for you too.

Click on images for larger views


my favorite and my best said...

i love your house. i had not noticed the books up in those cave like shelves. i love that!!

Carla Fox said...

Love that red!! So warm and inviting....and has "Vamp" written all over it! Good luck!

Alkemie said...

Wow! Didn't realze that AT was having a color contest, what great photos! Love it. Good luck!! :)

Karen Olivia

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooh. Your house is positively stunning n it's confident cloak of color.

I'll throw you a bone...for sure!

vicki archer said...

Your home is just gorgeous - the red is in your office is spectacular Valorie. xv

Prince Design UK said...

What a stunning office and vibrant home! It's inspirational. I especially love the plate collection - bold, confident and fabulous! Good luck :)

Renae said...

I love you house too Valorie...I KNOW it will catch their eyes!

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks everyone!
I truly appreciate your support!
xo xo