Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Apples and Oranges Debate

It's ANOTHER day of voting. You have to do it AGAIN TODAY. So Stop reading, come back later and PLEASE vote HERE now!

It's do or die! There are two entries left in the South, and this transplanted damn Yankee is one of them!
Let's hear a whoop whoop for New Orleans queen of the South!
But now I must get tough and compare my room against the other.

Mine(above) is truly better! Really! Step into my office. Just look at that KELLY BAG on the pouf! See the WHITE COW HIDE RUG! Aren't you swooning for those lamps with silk shades from PARIS!!! And the original Jack Mayberry painting called "Map". Of course a custom slip cover in CHARTREUSE on the comfy VINTAGE wing chair.

Theirs (above): How could a chrome lamp beat out silk lampshades from Paris. And a wire chair! Hello waffle butt! No more wire chairs ever!

Mine (below) has great book shelves styled perfectly! Check out the BRAYTON blackamoor, the antique Italian BOTANICALS, the fabulous CHANDELIER, and if you go to a larger image theres a framed photo of AUDREY HEPBURN that is a personal, family photo. And hey I got HORNS too! And TOILE!!!

Theirs (below) have book shelves too. What a yawn. And look at that hot mess of of prints hanging on the wall. It looks like my living room five years ago! You know the one that Rate My Space hated so much! And what's a kitchen stool doing there. What is that a desk? And tsk tsk all those ugly wires and cords showing. And hey, a kitty cat in the shot is playing the cute pet card. I know because I've done it myself!

Mine (below): Now this is the money shot! Look at those MAJOLICA OYSTER PLATES! That desk, a French table from FRANCE!!! A peek of silk TURQUOISE drapes! You can't see it, but the desk chair is a GHOST CHAIR! And THE COLOR!!!!!! Creole Tomato Red! Now that's hot!

Theirs (below). And what's this? A messy couch with some toss pillows?!

Mine (below): Here's my secret weapon! NEW ORLEANS GRIS GRIS! Look at that altar tucked back into the corner! Don't wreck your MOJO! Vote for New Orleans, or else I can't say what will happen! Also please note cute begonia MAJOLICA, ginormous glass HURRICANES, and a better view of the fabulous horn!

Theirs (below): I accuse my opponent of dirty tricks!!!! How dare they put a perfect living accessory is the form of a cute dog in the shot! But it can't make that fuzzy throw look good!

Mine (below) Well I have something cute and adorable too! It's my SKELETONS!!! And one of them is so adorable in his Mardi Gras mask! And Apartment Therapy featured them in a post yesterday about GOOD DESIGN Here! And look at that color on the walls, and the fireplace with a TOLE CANDELABRA over it, and more Majolica, and that arch way, and those antique chairs from Spain recovered in chic WHITE LEATHER, and oh oh oh the SUZANI tablecloth!
Seriously, all the rooms entered are as cute as can be. But please vote for mine anyway!

And listen, there is a different vote EVERYDAY. So don't think if you already voted you are done. Oh no! Apartment Therapy wants you there EVERYDAY!
So what are you going to do TODAY Wednesday October 28????

Please, pretty please...

Vote for me HERE!


my favorite and my best said...

i voted. tried to vote twice. to no avail of course. but seriously your opponent's wall is a pretty color of blue...but i don't see much else in the way of color. so i can't see how hers is in the lead. she must have a big posse.

Living It At Home said...

I voted for you today. Good luck with that. You really have a flair for decorating with color.

Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. It was very nice to meet you~Jamilyn

Jan said...

No contest V.
That is a messy couch. x

Visual Vamp said...

I am getting my ass whipped!
Oh well, it's been a great ride! Next time I'm putting Cholo in all the photos.
Thanks all who are voting for me. We still have until midnight!
xo xo

vicki archer said...

Ok so I have voted again....You are our winner Miz V so who cares about the rest ;-) xv

Shelle said...

I voted for you - you have no worries - that room looks like my living room w. blue paint...there's no other style elements

Embellished Bayou said...

Even that cutie pie Boston Terrier can't sway me, you've got my vote!

N. Rosa said...

Hey there, I voted for you! Good luck! Your apartment is beautiful, love the red, looks so cozy and fashionable.

Visual Vamp said...

You guys are great!
I can't thanks you enough for doing this crazy thing with me.
It's been fun!
xo xo

CACHANILLA73 said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I absolutely ADORE yours. I believe I got to the contest late, sorry!! I tried to vote but it was already closed....


Michael Mattison said...

Great blog you've got here; kudos.

And yes, your room here was better -- gotta love that tomato red. But the best touch of all? The majolica plate arrangement, naturally. Brilliant!

Lauren said...

i just love every little detail. can't get over it all...