Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Please Do This Today At Apartment Therapy

Vote for The Vamp and for New Orleans!

It's a bit of pain the way Apartment Therapy has set up their Room For Color contest.
You have to register to vote.
And now you have to vote again for those who have made it to the next round!
If you already registered when you voted in the last round, this time should be easy peasy.

I made it to the next round with my spicy Modern Creole room!

I've been in New Orleans for ten years now, but I bring a little of my New York City decor style to my love for my adopted city of New Orleans.

The room you are looking at is my office.

You peek through an original archway into my office, which is flanked by a pair of vintage skeleton charts. One of them sports a Mardi Gras mask.
The color palette is Late Creole Tomato (a coral based red), Vibrant Turquoise, and Sophisticated Chartreuse.
Generous built in shelves house a collection of design books. A white cowhide rug makes the space cozy. A pair of pale aqua lamps with couture lampshades from Paris grace the desk, which is an antique table from France. Nestled into a corner is a Gris-Gris altar, filled with mementos found and given to me over the years. During Katrina, our home was spared, and many credit the power of this altar for saving it!

So please vote! A vote for this room is a vote for New Orleans, as well as for The Visual Vamp!

But please vote right away! You only get 24 hours to cast your vote in this round. If you pull me through to the next round, you'll be ready to make me a winner!

Go HERE to vote NOW! Look for the skeletons! I'm in the section called "The South". Remember you have to go and vote today only, Wednesday October 21.

Thank you so very much!



Greet said...

Reading Brooke her post this morning, I rushed to vote for you! I so loved your office when I saw it a few weeks ago on your blog that I filed it! I wish you a lot of success!!!!


Swedish Interiors said...

Love those rooms! Just voted!!!
Go Valorie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures said...

Valorie - what an amazing room! Love that your style is so vibrant and colorful, shows a lot about your personality. The color combinations are gorgeous! Looks like you had an absolute blast designing this office! So much fun when you LOVE what you do! I'm rooting for you!


pve design said...

I really hope you win Vamp!

Mrs. G said...

You are right, it was a pain to vote but I did it. Looks like you are leading by a longshot. Good luck! I love all your beautiful color.

Sabina said...

You got my vote, I hope you win!

Laurie said...

I didn't realize this was your room, I'm happy to report that I've already voted for you anyway. Good Luck

vicki archer said...

Ok I voted....fingers crossed Miz V, xv.

Visual Vamp said...

via e-mail:

Just voted a few hours ago :) But, if you need more tomorrow, or the next day just let me know!
Good luck too! I seriously considered the others, just to reassure myself that I wasn't biased, and nope, they didn't do it like you do V..they were just putting things and painting things, compared to your emotive heart and soul, with disipline, styling. I had to vote your way anyway! you d'best one!. :)

Visual Vamp said...

via e-mail:

I didn't realize this was your room, I'm happy to report that I've already voted for you anyway.
Good Luck,

Visual Vamp said...

via e-mail from Eddie Ross:

You are so going to win!!!!

Frederik said...

Wonderful apartment!
You´ll certainly win!
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VictoriaArt said...

Hope you win, love those colors....I just voted for you!

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks to everyone voting today!
The voting goes until midnight, so please e-mail your friends and ask them to vote for me.
Let's keep rockin' the vote!
xo xo