Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World Interior Design Network

A nice guy named Anthony Walker is asking me for advice and feedback about his design web site and blog.
I turn it over to you readers, to tell me (or him) what you think.
Both are geared towards modern and contemporary products.
I especially like the formant of his blog called World Interior Design Network Blog.
Even if you love vintage and antique things, it's good to keep up with the news of what's going on with modern design, and Anthony's international web site and blog are good resources.

Anthony explains:

1) WIDN (World Interior Design Network) Interior Products Showcase: This displays a huge list of interior design products along with the product description. URL:

Interior Design Buyers' Guide: It provides comprehensive information on interior design service providers, products and support service provides across the world. URL:

As you have been in this field of design for many years, I would feel great if you can take time to have a look at these websites. If you find the content interesting & useful, you may feel free to comment and review these sites in your blog.

Okay gentle readers, have at it!

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Anonymous said...

That room is just wonderful. Yum. (I'll go peek at the blog)