Thursday, October 15, 2009

The New Formula

Decorating has always had a great feminine influence, mainly because the chore of putting a home together falls upon the lady of the house.
Lately, and evolving since 2005 or so with the advent (and demise) of Domino Magazine (the bible of chick decorating), there is a distinct style that I call Chic Chick Decor. It's a style almost like a diet drink, sort of "decorating light."

1. Mix up the eras

2. Antique style furniture covered in Ikat is typical

3. The ocelot print rug has replaced leopard
as the glam rug du jour

4. A low credenza
(vintage or at least vintage in style)
with a pair of interesting vintage lamps is a must

5. Use at least one piece of Lucite

6. A large piece of Chick Art finishes the look

7. Using color is also key

9. A pair of Murano lamps - vintage preferred

10. Statement headboard

11. Hotel style bedding

12. Note the Ikat bolster

Mixing vintage, contemporary, and antique furnishings and accessories is the thing to do.
And mixing things high and low also contributes to the charm and accessibility of this design scheme. Also decorating with the same skills you use when putting together a fashionable outfit translates well.

12. Turned wood Swedish/French style chandelier
has gone mainstream

13. Vivid prints on chairs is expected

14. Note the over scale Chick Art again

Young moms and wives from their 20's to 40's are especially adept at this style, though it's a style that crosses over to all ages and both genders in its appeal.

15. Graphic wall paper used on at least one accent wall

16. Monogrammed linens

17. Note the statement headboard

18. Over size lamp(s)

19. Use of vivid color again

The same elements occur and recur. While it still looks fresh, there is a typical look to it all that borders on the expected.

I have used the example of a lovely home of a young family in New Orleans. This style is something that has been occurring en force in the post Katrina renewal and rebuilding process. More young people have moved here, and many young people from New Orleans returned to rebuild. A wave of optimism washes over us, instead of waves of despair, and it is reflected in what I like to call New NOLA Style (with the sub heading: Chic Chick Decor).
You can see larger images HERE in the October 2009 issue of CUE Magazine.

20. Antique (or reproduction) chandelier

21. Silk drapes and return rods

22. Modern accessories
(note the modern vases on the table)

23. Louis style chairs
upholstered in modern graphic print

24. Note the large scale modern art
(usually in pastel tones)

25. Note the saturated color on the walls,
and the color on the ceiling


my favorite and my best said...

so so so so so true!

Jessie said...

I adore this post and I cannot agree more. As a young amateur designer/lawyer in Nola, I strive for the exact same effect. I also like to call it Renewed New Orleans!
Thanks for a great post today!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh man you're so right! And I loved that magazine and had a subscription when it went bye-bye and I was so sad - they replaced it with something lame...i don't even know what because I dont read it

Kwana said...

You have spelled out this trend so well. Great job with the blueprint.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* TERRIFFIC opinions, info & read here, Valorie! Just GREAT & so FUN!!!

I have been soooo WANTING to "do something lucite" (NOT CELLULITE, "LUCITE"!), but I really CAN'T "make it work" with OUR home!!! Oh dog poop!!!

Again, great fun to see n' read!
Linda in AZ *

Linda/"Mom" said...

P.S. Those first chairs look faaaabulous, & I REEALLY like to bolster on the bed, too!!! Yummy!!!

Carol Ann said...

Wonderfully true and a great read, thank you for all that hard work, I have not had time to wrap my head around my blog for weeks... during coffee breaks I check out only the few I have time for and yours is on my must list...
Regards, Carol Ann

Renae said...

I LOVE this Valorie....I am in the process of redoing my room. I love the IKAT bolster and the IKAT on the Louis style chairs...!
I am with the lucite chair...will think on that, would love to have one!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh...GREAT post! enjoyed it immensely!

vicki archer said...

I love this style of chic chick decorating....Ikat here I come, xv.

mary said...

This a super post--we need much femininity in design and this look provides it without being fussy.
One quick fact check those amazing vases on the dining room table: although new, are really ancient chinese porcelain forms--they simply look so current that we think they are modern.

thingsIlove said...

You have a very inspiring blog!

Lauren said...

Love this post...I feel like this is my style, you really hit the nail on the head!

Amy said...

This should be a mini book!! to carry in ones purse!!

Anonymous said...

There's so much freedom and possibility within this style. I can't help but love it.