Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's A Servery?

The vote is in! My Modern Creole room made it to the next round thanks to each and everyone of you! The next vote takes place on October 26, and y'all know I will give you a heads up ha ha.

In the meantime after all the color we saw at Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest, I thought I'd post something pale. In my search, I came across these images, and forgive me, just did a little cut and pasting today.

I guess you can say, you've been served! In a good way of course!

Thank you again my gentle readers, friends, fans, enemies, Face Book friends, family, and most of all Alberto for helping me make it through another round of voting.
That's the good news - the bad news is that you will be asked to do it again!

And now for the burning question of the day: What's a servery? Is it a made up word? No it is not! Read the official definition HERE and see more images.

From Martha Stewart: The small dining room can be accessed through the double doors in the servery. The space includes freezer drawers for storage, plus an ice maker and warming drawers for entertaining. Two dishwashers ease clean-up, and the marble floor can be vacuumed and washed with a damp mop. The wall color is matched to the cupboards, and the gentle, cool tones make a cohesive whole of many diverse features.

See how clever storage, fine materials, and surprising details make this space shine.

Martha did not want the cupboards to look like ordinary built-ins, so she designed a pair of long counters with marble tops; on one of them are glass-sided cabinets. They look so light and keep the area very airy in appearance.

Here is a view of two of the islands and the ovens behinds them, looking into the kitchen from the servery. It's where Martha sometimes has breakfast.

The office functions as a media center. There's a large-screen television for watching programs and DVDs, plus a computer, printer, and scanner for email, projects, research, and accessing recipes. Several small cubbies hold messages, paper, and supplies. At the desk, you'll also find telephones and a Sirius satellite radio.

A very well-used part of the kitchen is the cappuccino counter; there's the grand machine and two grinders -- for regular and decaffeinated beans -- for fresh grounds. On the machine, Italian cups stay warm, and everyday dishes and the like fill shelves.

Martha keeps a vintage juicer near the deep vegetable sink, where she rinses and preps produce. She has a few paper towel holders around the room, and old enamel brackets with milk-glass shelves hold kitchenware. The windows let in sunlight, which at times is tempered by translucent shades.

And one last burning question: Is a servery the same as a butler's pantry?


lisa golightly said...

I'm drooling over this place. It seems as though a servery is more than a butlers pantry ...larger and has a space for eating. Great blog ! XOL


That's the same question I had. In any case, I'd like one, please. ;) Congratulations on moving up in the AT challenge. Hope you go all the way!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi neighbor! I live just out of Baton Rouge and had to come by and say hello. Love your blog and have much catching up to do...nice to meet you~ Susie Harris

Visual Vamp said...

Hey Susie,
Stop by anytime neighbor!
xo xo

teaorwine said...

Yes, the two are certainly very similar. I agree with Lisa...a servery would be slightly larger and accomodate a table for prepping, more than likely. A butler's pantry, to me, is really a large, walk through closet with some counter space as well.

Interesting post!

teaorwine said...
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Greet said...

Congratulations to have win this round!!! I am so happy! And I mean it!!
I vote again next round on the 26th! Please remember us that day!!

Is a servery the same as a butler's pantry? I really would not know! Here in Belgium we call it a "bijkeuken"! Nice word isn't it??


pve design said...

I love spaces like that, practical, hard working and the hub of the action! (like Grand Central in NY!)

joanny said...

Joanny from The Dowser's Daughter

Thanks for posting and showing Martha's kitchen! Her show this past Monday aired 'Inside Skylands' her historic summer home in Maine while it showed some wonderful features of this fab kitchen -- I am happy to have the opportunity to view this kitchen again.
At the end of the show she makes a comment about being grateful for having acquired Skylands, and how she is the steward of preserving and protecting this amazing home and property. I could not agree more with Martha's statement - she is doing a truly beautiful job and it looks like a heck of a lot of work, and money to carry this out.
Thanks for the post loved seeing this kitchen again.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Okay....and here I was thinking a servery was like a winery...only new servers were harvested. Wrong?

Had no doubt you would move through ma dear! But I'll tell ya....for me it was no easy task. password wrong, username wrong.....ask for another...wrong. Oy.

It'll all be sorted out by the help me!

Oh...and Martha's servery. Sqeeee!

Renae said...

OH Yay Yay Valorie! I am contest in my opinion hands down, your room is the VERY BEST!
Sooo, a servery....never heard of it, but now I know. I does sort of look like a Butler's pantry...may I just have the Butler?

Amber from Brisbane, Australia said...

Funny how the English language shifts and morphs between cultures, isn't it? I'm Australian, and the term 'servery' is well understood to me, as is the difference between a servery and a butler's pantry. One of those hangovers from the (very) English days I guess. As I understand it, the servery is bigger, usually separate from the kitchen, and is interface between dining room and food prep. It would be attended by waiting staff and (select) cooks. The butler's pantry is smaller, and attended only by the butler, who has (much) higher rank than mere waiters. So, its a pretty out-moded idea from the age of servants, strict social hierarchy and sooty kitchens. Well, that's my take on it, anyway!
Love your work, and happy to vote you to continued success. Cheers

my favorite and my best said...

congrats woman!!!
lot's of butlers pantry's here in the south. not so many servery's. but i did see a few servery's at the biltmore estate.

Visual Vamp said...

Love, love, LOVE all of your comments.
Amber from Brisbane really explained it all brilliantly!
And Linda, you're idea of servers in the servery is wonderful! I hope they're cute!
xo xo

red ticking said...

if only i could be this organized... wouldn't life be grand? i wonder how many people got this so organized????