Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long Live The Prince Of Chintz

I have had a love affair with Mario Buatta since the 1980's HERE

His use of color and fabrics and furniture and the way he layers it all has always charmed and excites me. Some call his style English Country, but to me it's quintessential New York Style.

This month Architectural Digest (November 2009) features this Manhattan apartment recently done up by Mario.

All the touchstones are here: chintz, color, patterned Stark carpets, beautiful objects masterfully layered to create a home that feels comfortable and interesting.

It's the end of a crazy full moon weekend. The Cereus plant in my garden bloomed over a dozen times this Summer, and it produce six huge peony like blossoms right on time during the full moon lit night. We had a wonderful art show and party for Jack Mayberry this past Saturday. And then the ceiling came down (AGAIN!) in the store - the tenant's apartment above the store had a hot water tank fail big time. So we are reapiting and cleaning up, and the shop was closed on Monday and Tuesday.
But we're back today. More personal posts to come later this week.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt fro the AD article HERE. Pick up a copy, or check it out on line.

From Architectural Digest:

I think color is so important, especially in New York,” says designer Mario Buatta, gesturing toward the living room, which happens to be the precise apple green of his socks. “To come in from streets full of stone and cement to a drab apartment is just depressing.”

Drab and depressing are the last words anyone would use to describe this airy 7,000-square-foot penthouse, which Buatta designed for an investor and his wife who are passionate collectors of modern and contemporary art and photography. Everywhere you look, light and color give the visitor the effervescent rush of a glass of champagne.


Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


This is wonderful recognition for Mario.

He does joke about himself, and loves to laugh, but he is also a marvelous decorator, very emulated.

You are right--it can hardly be called 'English country house' when it is in a condo in NYC.

You can be sure his clients adore him. He has had a long and highly influential career.
Thanks for this post.

Renae said...

I had to chuckle when I saw the first images...sooo me in the '80's with the cool undertones. I see now he has "warmed" things up". More inviting don't you think? I had this very conversation yesterday with a friend, colours that invite and they are usually "warm" undertoned.

So sorry about the store...if I was there I would help you!