Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Do We Compete?

Ginormous thanks to everyone playing along with me in the Apartment Therapy Room For Color Contest. I won the last round! You have voted me through twice. If you still have the inclination you can vote for me again today HERE.

Apartment Therapy certainly knows how to milk an idea! There will be a couple of days more of voting, to get to the final two. It is exhausting for all of you, and a tad stressful and exhausting for me. Maybe they're weeding us out, both voters and contestants. Only the strong and determined (like a dog with a bone!) will survive this.

I watch Dancing With The Stars. I've been a regular viewer and fan since they started.
Even though I'm a dancer, and have been a performer going to many an audition, I have never really officially competed for anything. So watching this show fascinates me.

Alberto and I entered a tango dance contest this past summer, never expecting to win first place
(USA Salon Tango Champions!). It was a remarkable experience. We didn't really go out there to wow them, of knock out the other contestants. We didn't have a strategy. We did our best, and enjoyed the experience together. We had a great time back stage with the other dancers. We talked and joked and encouraged one another. We were all in it together.

When we went to to Buenos Aires for the world championships, it was a much larger situation, and people came from all over the world with serious intentions and game faces were on. Still, the back stage camaraderie was there, with a genuine regard and respect for one another. Sure everyone wants to do well, and win, but largely the point of just being there resonates the most.

Every week when I watch Dancing With The Stars I have tremendous admiration for what the celebs and their teacher/partners accomplish. Everyone works hard, respects the other contestants, and wants to win, but they mainly value the process it takes to step up and put yourself out there.

Why did I enter a decorating contest? I surely can buy a plane ticket to New York (the first prize is a trip to New York). Do I think I'm better at what I do than others? Do I need to show off? Do I need re-enforcement from my peers? Is it exciting to try to win something? Am I proud of my accomplishments?

Well yes and no.

I do like sharing my projects with all of you. It's wonderful to have feedback, and eyes that see and appreciate. You all have your own projects and decorating dreams and schemes. We all share what it's like to save up for just that special chair, or fabric, or finally have the means to tackle a renovation, or buy a new place.

I also love to put a little shine on the city of New Orleans. I'm proud to live and work here. I love this city with emotions I don't even understand. So when I can show something pretty about New Orleans, and get people liking New Orleans, well it's some kind of pride of this place.

And when I saw the Apartment Therapy contest, I thought it would be great to share one of my rooms, to make some new blog friends. I love looking at what he other contestants entered.

The photo above is of the room by Traci from Richmond, Virgina. She and I went head to head twice in the category labeled 'The South", and she gave me a run for my money. So Traci if you are out there, I salute you and your pretty room.
There is so much talent out there! I did not enter with the idea, of oh boy I'm gonna win this thing!

So here I am, a real P.I.A. (pain in the ass), asking you all to vote for me not once, but multiple times. From just a bit of innocent photo sharing, I have morphed into a competitor! I am proud of what I do and I want to win! I am proud to have all of you voting for me, and I want to bring home the prize to merit your faith in me.

So please vote for me again...and hopefully AGAIN...until Apartment Therapy is done toying with us all - I think the final voting is around November 2.

And, again, heartfelt thanks!

Please vote again today: HERE

You have 24 hours, until midnight (2 AM on the west coast).

It gets easier once you have registered. So many of you have suffered the process on my behalf. AT needs to do something about the way they have us navigate their contests.


Jan said...

You're not a P.I.A!
Your thoughts on backstage camaraderie - interesting.
I imagined that's what it's like.
(Strictly Come Dancing (UK version) absolute addict!)

vicki archer said...

I've done it again....with pleasue Valorie, xv.

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

I voted--that is a nice site. Like your room by the way

Lara Harris said...

Hope you win!Thanks for stopping by my blog!:)

Skellyton Art said...

You have my Vote Valorie! Thanks for visiting my blog!

:) Shirley

my favorite and my best said...

i second vicki...with pleasure valorie.

House of Design and Style said...

I voted for you. I must say I absolutely love your blog. I am just getting started on mine but would love your feedback. Good luck on the competition! :)

of House of Design and Style

Cote de Texas said...

congrats for making it to the next round. I hope you win!!!!!!!!! who cares why you want to?

Renae said...

It's an honor to vote for you my friend. I love what you do and you are so good at it...well you are good at MANY things. I think of you every time a Tango is shown on DWTS, I love that show too! I am not a dancer, but a singer and am so amazed at what the singers and the orchestra do as well.

So...here's to ya Girl...I know you will win!


Greet said...

I just voted again! Fingers crossed!

Amber from Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh it's very close!!! For what its worth, your room looks professionally styled, the kind of space I would see in World of Interiors. Your colour and styling is superior, so the narrow margin in the South final is flabberghasting! Surely you should get points for inspring today's AT piece on antique medical prints??

If you don't win, I hope you feel validation from the blogosphere anyway. Love your work.

Anonymous said...

You are VERY good for the city of New Orleans. Because of you I am determined to make my way there one day. It's always been a thought, but you have brought new aspects of it to life and light for me. Maybe because you're NOT a native helps you see it in a more magical way, and you pass that along.