Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Press Release: Perennials Fabrics

Perennials Outdoor Fabrics Offers Customized Textiles

Every designer has one (or more!) of those stupefyingly demanding customers who take so much additional effort to be pleased, especially in the area of interior design where the look of an entire project determines a signature style. You can show swatch after swatch, and somehow there’s nothing that hits the sweet spot.

Designers know that the exciting array of choices available through Perennials Fabrics can solve nearly any problem. But for the absolute perfect choice, Perennials goes one better: they will custom make any fabric you can possibly, possibly imagine. This company is the best in the world at what they do. World-class fabrics that work indoors and out, in textures from the toughest wearing awning weight to light-as-a-feather sheers, and everything in between.

And now…what? I’m going to have Maserati make the exact car I want from a drawing on a napkin? Well… yes! Prints: bold and graphic or subtle or whimsical. Give them that camera-ready napkin drawing and watch them go. Sheers: think romance, blowing with the passing breeze. Bring in a fabric swatch or a Pantone color. Woven: think design and details. Perennials is famous for hard-wearing jacquard-loomed fabrics in dazzlingly complex and subtle designs. Even trimming: custom cords, knots, puff balls and more!

Of course there are minimum lengths for custom-made fabric and specs to follow, and with customized comes cost. But that’s understandable when you’re dealing with the best of the best. Perennials Fabrics are routinely chosen for the top residences and contract applications around the world.

As a designer, your favorite thing (other than collecting your check at the end of a long project and opening the champagne) is designing! Knowing that you have the freedom to create the perfect, customized fabric for your most important projects makes your life easier and the whole world a lot more beautiful.

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