Saturday, November 28, 2009

Who's Your Little Fuzz Butt?

What do you serve your pet's food in? Fine china? Crystal like in a Fancy Feast commercial? Do you match your dog dish to your decor? Your cat bowl to your color scheme?
Here's a little pet dish roundup. Maybe there's something you'd like to get for the adorable one in your life.

Buy Fuzz Butt HERE

I got these for Cholo three years ago at Target.
They don't have them anymore but they have others

Buy Psycho Kitty HERE

from These Creatures

Get this at Bloomingdales

Jonathan Adler

e-mail me your photo with your pet and his/her bowl and I'll do little post


Linda/"Mom" said...

* Val, "FUZZ BUTT" just cracked me up!!! Grand animal lover that I AM, I'd never heard THAT one~~~ terriffic!!!

Belle has a few "different bowls" that I really like, and thanks to you, I'm now duly reminded to make sure her CHRISTMAS BOWLS come out shortly for the season!!!

If my back will hold out long enough for me to take a photo or two, will send it on to you~ (nothing like seeing what's available out there for one "princess of a huntin' dawg"!!!).

Love & best,
Linda in AZ *

my favorite and my best said...

i love the temple one from these creatures but for a hundred bucks my cats can go fuck themselves.
nope, i use the colorful cereal/ice cream bowls from anthro. and i wait for them to go on sale (which they often do)throw some food in them (all organic dry food mixed with real veggies from my stove-bc that is WAAAY more important than what they're eating out of n'est pas?)and nestle the bowls on a mat in a tray. done.
cholo is adorable and i would spank him.

La Petite Gallery said...

I have a dog now for 14 years.
He has arthritis like me.
He has the memory foam mattress.
The two bowls on a stand. The stand is great.
I painted his face on the dog food container. I love dogs.
My thought's are--Animal business
is just another way to rape and pillage Americans.
When a loaf of bread is $5, have we gone mad? What next?

Amy said...

My kitties eat from antique rose porcelain bowls.

The dogs, however, are considerably less refined.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward, being white, eats from a large white bowl from Harrods.
Apple, being black, eats from a large black bowl from Harrods.

It does my heart good to see them side by side with their furry faces deep inside something that has Harrods emblazoned on the side. Makes me think of London.

Her name was Lola said...

These Creatures' option is to die for! Our pup would love it so.

So happy to have found this cheery blog of yours.