Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Fellow Blogger Christiane Lemieux

Christiane Lemieux is a mother of two and a half (the half being a big old labrador Jake - who comes to the office every day with her) and is married to Josh, who is also her business partner. She is the Founder and Creative Director of DwellStudio and DwellStudio for Target.

Christiane graduated from the Parson’s School of Design with a degree in Fashion design. She also has a degree in Art History from Queen's University in Canada where she hails from. Christiane is inspired by travel (Canadians love to travel because it's so cold up there and they are always looking for some sun), design, and all things creative. Most importantly, she is trying to figure out how to live a life of adventure and bring her kids along too. She says that kids make everything more fun. The concept of working, being a parent, spouse, all round good person and living a balanced and inspired life is intriguing to Christiane...she has in no way figured any of it out but hopes to try.

I met Christiane when she visited New Orleans this past August. It was her first visit, and she was smitten! They say when you come to New Orleans in the summer, and you love it, then, man, you really do love this city. They also say that when New Orleans wants you here, it exudes a magical spell that makes everything go your way so you'll stay forever. I know, because that's what happened to Alberto and me in 1999! And I think this is what happened to Christiane too, and I expect her to be getting a house here sooner than later.

Among all of her accomplishments Christiane is a fellow blogger (her blog is called The Studio Blog).
And she wrote something very nice about New Orleans called How You Dwell HERE.
Her blog is fresh and hip, and I urge you to add it to your blog list, and drop Christiane a line to say hello.
Like many of you, she's an avid home decorator (her home was published in Domino and the images you see are from that issue), a working woman, a wife and mother.

And by the way Chris, I'm still trying to find out how to get that sign for you!


Greet said...

Thank you so much for sharing the blog from Christiane! Indeed her blog is very hip!!


Ideezine said...

Nice post to meet Christine and learn about her and her blog.


Christiane said...

Thanks for this Val! Love your blogging. This makes me long for another visit to NO to see you guys. XX

my favorite and my best said...

one of my favorites in domino. i specifically remember drooling on the page. i will check her blog out.