Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catting Around With Perennials

Impressively Lush Catwalk Outdoor Fabrics Claws Its Way To The Top

Who doesn’t love a fluffy feline, perched for the world to see as though she owns all she surveys? And who could fail to fall in love with a beautiful deep-pile velvet, from one of the industry’s top high-style manufacturers? Perennials Outdoor Fabrics rises to the top again with the dramatic debut of Catwalk – the newest offering from Perennials outdoor velvets! But looks are deceiving -- Catwalk is no pampered princess. It can be used for your most demanding outdoor applications, as well as any indoor areas that require high performance without sacrificing high design.

Catwalk, the first jacquard-woven outdoor velvet of its kind, takes high-performance luxury into dangerous new territory with patterns that reach flamboyant new heights of ferocity and fun. Touch the wild leopard-inspired design, and feel a pile so lush you’ll fear the scratch of a startled feline! Surprisingly versatile Catwalk is available in four distinct color ways. A dressed-up tri-color of fawn, black and tobacco brown makes a charming Sophisticate. Alley Cat, in colors of nocturnal black and rich chocolate is anything but common. Chic and sleek in soft white and ivory, Cool Cat slinks its way into your heart. And stand back for the most untamed of them all: Crazy Cat sizzles with hot hues of orange, pink and lime.

The wildest thing about Catwalk? These are not mongrel prints, but true jacquard-woven designs with the high-class pedigree we’ve come to expect from Perennials Fabrics. With these passionate designs, exteriors will be styled like they’ve never been styled before. But don’t forget, they perform double duty indoors too; just one more aspect to purr about. From fiber technology, to design, to quality assurance, every step in the production process is under Perennials Fabrics care and control. All very good reasons why Perennials Fabrics have character and longevity, providing long-lasting protection in colors and designs never thought of before.

To the trade. You can order it from perch. New Olreans 504 899-2122