Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sssssssss Sensual S Chair Round Up

I have always loved the S Chair.

Groovy and colorful and well priced around $200.

You can use one or many for impact.

They mix well with traditional things, giving a perhaps a dated look a boost.

They are kid friendly too.
And very comfortable. It's a great desk chair for sure.

And what fun to use them in a commercial setting.

Paired with the retro looking hair dryers is genius.

The S chair mixes well with any chair combination.

Even Barbie love it!

What a fabulous and easy way to make a big box store table look chic.

And look at this wonderful retro inspired dining room. The chandelier and white hide rug make it current.

The S chair can be a down right religious experience!

This is a church in Europe.

The chandeliers are pretty stylish too. I wonder if the parishioners are fashion forward too.

Verner Panton's cantilevered stacking chair (1960) was the first single-material and single-form chair to be made and has been produced by Vitra through three decades of development in plastics technology. It is made of one single piece with integral color that will not fade over time. As striking as modern sculpture, this classic piece is appropriately durable and easy to clean. A favorite for commercial use, it is also comfortable enough to use as an occasional chair in an office or residence.

Buy one HERE at Mondani on sale for $180. in black, orange, white, or red.


NYCLQ said...

LA LA LA LOVE IT!!!!! Great post and inspirational ideas. That church is MAGNIFICANT!!!

nkp said...

I have to agree with everything you said! Definitely kid friendly...we have 3 (kids) and use the Panton chair around the breakfast table. My husband and I both use one as a desk chair- his orange and mine black. And that photo of the kitchen with the checkerboard floor- holy freakin' cow-gorgeous!!!

Visual Vamp said...

Hi nkp!
Love that you use these chairs! Please send me a photo so I can post it for all to see!
xo xo

Jaime @ DOXA said...

This is a favorite of mine, I have specified this for so many different projects! I have them as patio 'em. Thanks for sharing, I am bookmarking this post for sure!

Anonymous said...

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

It is so provocative.

It just kinda seems to defy gravity.

Much like Barbie.

Anonymous said...

The examples where that sleek chair is paired with largely traditional surroundings is beautiful! (but having all of those white ones lined up with crosses makes it look like rows of gravestones).

Renee Finberg said...

the church chairs must be in sweden, or finland, or where ever.
what a hoot.
just not what i am used to seeing.

Kwana said...

I'm loving this chair! Great post.

prashant said...

Love that you use these chairs

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