Monday, November 9, 2009

Ikat You Can Afford

Urban Outfitters has a great looking Ikat chair at a very affordable price.

Urban Outfitters Ikat Slipper Chair - Only $325. HERE

Ikat is here to stay. The bright bold graphic print just seems to work on antique furniture frames, on pillows, and on contemporary furniture. It's just the needed punch of bold color that often bridges your old things into the realm of the new and refreshed.

Urban Outfitters Ikat Slipper Chair - only $325. HERE

Contemporary Ikat fabric is not cheap, ranging from $50. a yard, and up from a variety of fabric houses, to well over $200. per yard from Madeline Weinrib who does the best interpretation of it.

Madeline Weinrib fabric on a 19th century frame - over $3000.

You can find affordable Ikat fabric direct from the source from a place called Uzbek Craft for less than $20. per piece, but you have to buy several pieces to cover a chair. They also have very well priced pillow covers. And Uzbek Craft has a great selection of that other beloved textile, the Suzani!

Do what Jefferey Bilhuber does - just add a little Ikat pillow toss

Material Girls has a great roundup on the subject HERE, and it's well worth taking a look.



I concur! Ikat is definitely here to stay! I can't get enough of it. Thanks for the Uzbek Craft link - ikat AND suzani? I'm so there.

Cristin said...

Love this look too!!!

cristin @ simplified bee

Southern Aspirations said...

UO does it again! But I have to admit, I prefer the suzani over the ikat.

my favorite and my best said...

that madeline weinrib chair is

VictoriaArt said...

Love the blue and white ikat of the second chair, Urban Outfitters is a great store, always find something I love!
Thanks for showing it today!
I was celebrating today: 20 years after the fall of the German/Berlin Wall!

Anonymous said...

I have purchased from Uzbeck Craft many times. There prices and service are excellent. The packages arrive like little gifts wrapped in paper, twine and wax seals -- you will not want to open it!!

Karena said...

I do adore the Ikat and Suzani designs. The chairs are beautiful , and in this economy, why spend for the ultimate when you can find great pieces for less....

Living It At Home said...

I love the slipper chairs. Great price also. Thanks for all the helpful info on Ikat fabrics! ~Jamilyn

Moe Joe Bean said...

Urban Outfitters is great, but no matter how many Ikat patterns I've seen, I just don't like it... It reminds me too much of those old southwest patterns... :P
I do however agree with Southern Aspirations, I absolutely LOVE Suzani!

Jan said...

Always looks best in blue I think.

Anonymous said...

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