Tuesday, December 22, 2009

413 Votes For My Favorite and My Best

I am so pleased to have 413 followers. I cherish every one of you.
Will you please do me a favor?
If each one of you casts a vote for Jenny from My Favorite and My Best, I would consider it a very special favor.
She is nominated for Apartment Therapy's Homie Awards. You can actually vote for five nominees.
I'll let her speak for herself:

from Jenny:

pimp the coolness

ok, so yes. some very awesome people have nominated MFAMB for apartment therapy's homie awards. not sure who did it first...kate maybe?? of domestikatedlife? either way i am honored and humbled. if u think i have a great blog go vote for it mf'ers!
vote here. just know that if you don't someone gross and stupid and boring as piss will probably win. and you will have to live with that forever.


my favorite and my best said...

ha ha!!! let the campaign begin!!

carla fox said...

But Miz V, why wouldn't we vote for you? Am I missing something? Please explain....

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are a good friend Val - consider it a done deal. Wishing you a spectacular Christmas. You are the kindest, warmest woman and I wish you all the best this joyous season.

Cheers ~ deb

sanjeet said...

let the campaign begin!!merry x-mas

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