Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Design Resolutions!

A really great new-to-me blogger is doing a series called Design Resolutions 2010. Her name is Kristin and she has the blog Discover: Interior Design. It's one of the most well organized blogs I have ever read.

Kristin says: "Well, it is with great pleasure that I finally share with you the design resolutions of not only me, but 12+ design bloggers. From now until January 2010, these amazing individuals will be divulging their design (and sometimes personal) resolutions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some are short + sweet, some are cute + funny, and others are more in depth."

Anyhoo, check out this link for one of the first in the series HERE

And pray tell, what are your design resolutions for 2010?


La Petite Gallery said...

I thought that was

"Marie Wilson"

olde time movie star..

have a giggle...

NYCLQ said...

My DR I sent to Krisitin are all about the (RE):
And if your home is already PERFECT: Go HELP someone else who is less fortunate: a neighbor, a friend, or your family.
Have a GREAT day!!

Kris said...

Interesting. Going to take a look at the blog!

custardbydesign said...

thanks for sharing this new blog with us...