Monday, December 28, 2009

Clipping File Roundup

I'm sure you have a pile of images you collect over time. You like them, or you make a mental note to use them in a future post you have in mind. Or sometimes the image itself generates an idea for writing something.

Once or twice a year, I clean off the desk top, and get rid of the images I haven't used.

Since my blog is now under threat of being deleted by those who don't care for my big mouth, or mean girl antics, I felt rather in a hurry to use these images.

What makes you choose an image? I think I chose the giant cup cake to use in a what's out post, but gee I really like cupcakes, big or small, so there the image sat on my desk.

I chose this one to send to Erin at House of Turquoise, or maybe to use for a post for another blog I write at work.

I liked this sultry chic chick for a possible Fourth of July post.

I collect open shelving in funky kitchen images to validate my own funky bordello kitchen. It makes me feel better when I see a glossy magazine shot that kind of looks like my crappy kitchen. At least in my minds eye ha ha.

Here's another kitchen image. I have a trash can like this.

And I love and prefer old fashion bathrooms instead of the huge (and IMO ha ha) ugly spa bathrooms that are routinely placed in new home construction, or used in a renovation of an old house.

This is Melissa's pug. She sent me this photo. I know she has a blog, but I can't remember it right now. I am an old woman with no memory. But I will find it later, and give her proper linkage.

This is from Martha Stewart's blog The Daily Wag. For some reason I love this blog the best of anything Martha does.

This is what some of you would like to do - send my blog packing.

I love this closet, so I kept this image on my desk for months.

I meant to send this to Fifi Flowers, but forgot. I'm sure she already has it, being the great Paris-ophile that she is.

Christmas clippings got out of hand! I have a pile of card display images that I never posted. They were generated when Alberto asked me to display the Christmas cards we got. Christmas cards by snail mail are getting rarer and rarer, and we wanted to savor looking at them. This was my favorite display. Maybe I'll use the two dozen other images I clipped for next year.

Here's another one for Erin of House of Turquoise, or maybe for another rehash about the color trend for 2010 - turquoise! Or maybe for the shop - we sell alot of pretty glass like this.

This one I stole from Jenny at My Favorite and My Best, because I like artful bugs as decor. I really like many forms of specimen charts and art. Musty be the creepy crawly side of me.

I love the gray color wash on the walls, and this witty Mora clock is from Ikea for around $100., and for some reason that makes me laugh when you think of all the expensive Mora clocks all the nice (and rich) girls are using in their decorating projects. The red bed is right up my bordello alley too.

Here's another one for Erin. Don't think I'm stalking her. How can you not save an image for a person who blogs about this one particular color?

A Murphy bed for dogs! I think I was going to do a pet gift roundup, but was boring myself to tears with the thought of another gift guide. Plus the image is so old that the site link to buy it doesn't have it in stock any longer.

Another beautiful funky kitchen! Man I must be very insecure about my kitchen to keep pulling images like this!

You want to know where I got these? Well if I can remember...
apartment 34 (who gets them from everywhere else)
Melissa via e-mail
and Google Images.
If you see something I used that you need credit for, you know where I live.


my favorite and my best said...

OMG that bathroom!!!! it's perfection. are those mirrored tiles??

Anonymous said...

All great the kitchens and pups best. Also love your flamboyant "bordello" style. XO Trish

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks Trish.
Bordello Decor!
Home Sweet Home Bordello!
It's a title I earned in the comment section of my last post ha ha.
xo xo

Erin said...

I hope your blog doesn't get deleted...your voice is fresh and much-needed in this blogworld!

But I DO appreciate you sharing these inspiring images (especially the turquoise ones!) I'm saving them all! (You should see all the images I have about mess!)

Riviera Boardwalk said...

Man I love those kitchens. They beautiful in my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

Why would anyone delete your blog. You have such great style....

jamaica byles said...

I love funky kitchens and turquoise.Great post....

meg duerksen said...

your christmas card display was mine. :) and i am so happy you liked it.

this year i used something else in that same flash cards in an empty frame. i just hung our cards in a window this year.
come and see!

Southern Chateau said...

I have drafts of posts I have written when I have been frustrated with the blog world and its posers. I totally understand where you're coming from, even if it was a little over the top.

Linda in AZ * said...

* Vatchutalkin'bout, Val??? Me thinketh you just need a great big hug from Adoring Alberto, a snuggle-cuddle from Cholo or lunch someplace DIVINE with your funniest, most FUN friend!!!

NOBODY'S gonna knock you off YOUR PERCH, dahlin"!!!!!!! Ya hea'?????

Please cheer up Sweets~~~

Sending you warm hugs,
XO, Linda in AZ *

NYCLQ said...

!!! OMG !!! WTF !!!
What do you mean your blog is in THREAT of being DELETED??? Not to go get all political up the butt... but... FREEDOM OF SPEECH? hello? que pasa chica? I ADORE your RAW and REAL humor! You're informative, fun, witty and got a HELL of a lotta SPUNK!

It's what the world needs now... SPUNK REAL SPUNK...
it's something that there just too little of.

If it weren't for YOU (and Jill) I woulda never ventured out into this bloggshpere!!

I love you. You can't go.
:D Lynda

girl said...

You can delete your crazy and delusional posts if you like, Valorie, but everyone who saw your sickening handiwork will remember it for a long time to come.

jane said...

Lay off the Vamp.
You should see the private e-mail she got about Camel-Toe Clawson.
The title of delusional belongs to Habitually Chic. She should change her blog name to Habitual Liar.
Anyone fooled by her is an idiot.
Visual Vamp should be thanked for pointing out that it is the body of work that should support the blog and not otherwise. You think these things to yourself and wonder if anyone else out there is feeling the same way.
Many of us are so tired of people swooning over Heather and giving her undeserved recognition for a false image she has created.
And hear this people, I met Little Miss Camel Toe, and I tried my best to be nice and cordial, but she is a name-dropping, ass-kissing bitch who is only nice to those whom she thinks can get her somewhere.
Only one of us had the courage to say something about it.
It's a shame her post about it is deleted. It was a great post that needed to be out there.
Heather needs to know that we know that she's a turd.
All the press she grabs can't change that. They must have idiots for fact checkers at House Beautiful and 1st Dibs (and wherever else the fools have published the garbage HC spoon feeds them).
This is not a cat fight morons.
This is about respect for people, men and women who work hard, pay their dues, and are decent.
Heather Clawson needs to be censured. She's ruining it for all of us. Lies have short legs.

Margaret said...

Well said Jane! There are some blogs that are nothing but family photo albums and PMS crying jags coupled with Fingerhut laden rooms. And then there are the ones of people (term used loosely) that think they don't stink in the loo like the rest of us. Vamp, why would you be deleted? It's freedom of design and speech! Girl, go bake up a batch in that fugly kitchen of yours and come out swingin'!

beki said...

Delete your blog? Never! I'm not in the design blog circle, so I have no idea what's going on, but I enjoy your blog and your images. This is YOUR blog, you can think and write about whatever you want! If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it.

Finally, someone who agrees with me on the spa bathroom! I have a newish house that has a large master bath, which I personally think is wasted space. And funky kitchens...LOVE.

Visual Vamp said...


girl said...

Get help Jane/Valorie. You are mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I see that Christian is now hiding behind "Girl." sweet.

Renae said...

Hey Valorie,

You have a way with words that most of us only WISH we had. I "got' your post. It's funny, I never thought of trying to crawl up some social ladder via my lil' ol' blog. I am not a climber anyway,,, I don't have to be "it" or "in", I don't care.

You're the best and I call you my Friend and can't wait to see you sooner rather than later!


Amy said...

Man, you got alot of Christmas cards! I only got 5. All of them from blog friends.

Anonymous said...

Don't know quite what has transpired between HC and VV, but I'll side with the 'real' blogger (VV) and not the wanna-be decorator (HC). Bloggers everywhere need to lighten up, anyway. Pasting pretty pictures from other sources, and pretending personal design flair is as common as it is pretentious. As for phonies, they usually get their just reward. Jayson Blair, anyone? James Frey? Milli Vanilli? When humiliation comes, it's a bitch. said...

Love that bathroom!! I have been thinking of using "antiqued" mirror tiles in my master bedroom but wasn't quite sure as I grew up with them in my great grandmother's house and though perhaps I may be off base however I am again reconsidering... thanks love!

Happy New Year,

Karen said...

Rather than having Visual Vamp deleted, let's just all delete the gross offender instead! A day without Valorie is a day without sunshine (or cupcakes!) and who could live like that??? If you can't stand the heat, stay out of our kitchens!! Go sit on the front row by yourself while we have a party here without you!
You go, girl! And to you know who - just go!

Kerry said...

I know something happened and evidently it got pretty ugly. God knows we've all been there, though maybe not in a public forum. I just wanna say, that I'm pretty scared about what's happening in this country and if a design blog is deleted because of some rant that some people didn't find appropriate then I may have to run for the hills. People, PLEASE, come to your senses!!!!!! If you don't like what you see, don't read it, turn the dial!!!!! Valorie, who has the authority to do this? We need to know so we can protest - seriously! Supporters unite! This can't happen.

Jeff Green said...

Same here. I'm kind of perplexed why most, if not all new home construction prefer those kind of bathrooms.