Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Surprise Blog Birthday Party - Who Is It For????

Who is this darling little girl?
It's her 40th birthday today!

She grew up to be this glamor girl!

She's an actress
And loves to wear wigs
She's the wife of Mikey and the mom of Fiona

She's a pirate queen with a pirate princess

She loves to cook and I'm told she's pretty good
This looks yummy!
She is a decor addict and bloginista and I love her for painting her kitchen black!
Her house is a small rental and she works tirelessly to turn it into a little gem

She tries DIY projects like painting this vintage buffet a beautiful Farrow and Ball color
Her latest project is trying to decorate her dining room, a daunting task because the water cooler has to stay in the tiny room, & she has a tiny budget and big dreams of Lee Jofa fabrics.
Through all her trials and tribulations she always keeps her sense of humor. She's a super trouper for sure!
She is a true blue loyal friend, and she loves her family almost as much as she loves her blog and her blog buddies. Look at this cute room she did for her daughter.
She loves her fat pussy cat, and shares her home with us in all its unstyled glory.

Her darling husband Mike wrote to dozens of her blog friends to arrange this surprise blog birthday party for her.

He writes this:

In her home life Jenny is Jenny Andrews Anderson.

In her professional life (actor, personality, etc.) she's Jenny Andrews (or as I announce as she enters the bathroom "The fabulous and beautiful Jenny Andrews").

Jenny has been an actress most of her life - since high school. She went to college to study theater, and was the founding member of a very popular theater company in Atlanta called Whole World Theater where she was truly a stand out.

Whole World Theater is like SNL (Saturday Night Live). The show has all of it's great players but, say, John Belushi is the blinking light....that's how it was with Jenny in the female role.

The male stand out and Jenny's counter part, Lance Krall, as well as a few others from the original show moved to LA and now have a TV show called Free Radio that was on VH1, but is now going to be in a prime time slot after The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.
Free Radio

This itself I'm sure is a sense of both pride for her friends and sadness, because Jenny did not go to Los Angeles.

To do my best to summarize the why we too didn't go: I was also in the film business and trying to do my own thing, etc. In 1999, Jenny was diagnosed with type-one diabetes - it runs in her family but she had skirted it. We continued to press on with our "dreams" until the impact of two free lance artists with no insurance became a little overwhelming. I had connections with people in Atlanta that could give me a job with insurance - we were pregnant that year and here we are.

I hope that doesn't read as a sad story because it certainly isn't. We all are moving along in life and things happen the way they do for a reason. Our family is bigger than 1000 stars on the walk of fame.

The Whole World Theater folks did a pilot show for FOX back in 2000 with one of the creators of Pee Wees Playhouse (I actually wrote for it as well) but it was put in a terrible slot and didn't get picked up.

Jenny primarily does commercials now. She has been in a few movies. She had a great role in a Lifetime movie that still plays all the time called 'The Price of a Broken Heart".

She missed out on MANY roles because she is the category of being "too pretty" to play "the friend", but not well known enough to play the lead - but she continues to get to final call backs so it's only a matter of time.

She's obviously found a new passion to expend some of this artistic energy in her blog. I guess people like, Jenny, me, etc - MUST do something expressive.

Visual Vamp here:

By now you have guessed correctly that the surprise blog birthday party is for the blogger known as My Favorite and My Best.

I found this blog a few months ago, and was attracted to it for it's honesty and humor and intelligence and a pretty great selection of images. At first the author Jenny said she couldn't write, but as the months went on and she found her voice and confidence, and it became very clear that not only can she write, she is brilliant!
She started her blog in January 2009 with 6 posts, and now she can post over 50 a month!

Jenny is one of the special ones. She is an original. She is a talent. She is a lover of life.

So Happy Birthday dear Jenny.

I'm waiting on the porch with these virtual gifts, so we can toast each other!



And thank you adorable Mike for arranging all this and sharing your life with Jenny with all of us.


vicki archer said...

Great job Miz V...and happy birthday to Jenny. xv

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Well...Happy Birthday to an admirable slut...with quite the harlot for a friend, I might add.

Tiina said...

great great great!!

La Petite Gallery said...

I love the Colbert show ,he is terrific. will have to watch.
Happy Birthday
Jenny a cute lady..

Renae said...

How very sweet of you Valorie and ever better of her DH to arrange such a fun birthday surprise.
Happy Birthday Jenny!!!
Blessings y'all!

Southern Aspirations said...

so sweet and a great little post!

mb said...

What a wonderful post to celebrate your pal and ours, Jenny from MFAMB.

Happy Birthday.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a fabulous post to an incredible woman. I loved reading about you both & what direction you went in. Life certainly has it's fair share of twists & turns. Jenny has the kind of humor that makes my day. I only wish she lived right next door.
Have a great Sunday Valorie x

corine said...

This is a gift that keeps on giving. I'm having a blast reading all the birthday posts. Yours is great.

Visual Vamp said...

All the birthday posts are fantastic, each one so different, and each one really picking up on something special about Jenny. So go to My Fav & My Best, and spend the afternoon reading them all.
Bloggers are wonderful.
xo xo

Simply Mel said...

Fabulous shout-out to our birthday diva, Jenny! This is one heck of a surprise party! Blogstresses rule!

my favorite and my best said...

valorie..i have very few words entering my brain that seem worthy of how i am feeling.
i am still catching my breath after yesterday and i needed the whole day to put this all into perspective before i could come to each of you individually and say thank you. yesterday was magical. waking up and seeing all that love was beyond compare. well..i mean i could compare it i winning an oscar maybe? to feel that much love from all over the world (literally) was humbling to say the least. and to say i am blessed would be retarded. lets try these: adored, among the angels, beatified, consecrated, divine, enthroned, exalted, glorified, hallowed, holy, inviolable, redeemed, resurrected, revered, rewarded, sacred, sacrosanct, saved, spiritual, unprofane...yes they are all from the thesaurus but they come closer to how i felt/feel. and valorie i know how far you went to make this special-er for me. and words will never be enough. hugs will only ever be close to what is needed to fully thank you. so i promise you that you will get one personally from me one day. a big one. i love and adore you. i hope you really know just how special this was for me and how much i appreciate all of this.