Saturday, August 30, 2008


We drove in late last night. It was a perfect ride. The roads were full, but all the traffic was moving at a good clip. We were headed towards Baton Rouge, ending up in Greenwell Springs at the home of Vicky and Steve.
We didn't know what to expect. Vicky and Steve are a very nice couple we coached for their first dance of their wedding which happened a few weeks ago. We taught them a beautiful tango choreography, and enjoyed the weeks of lessons with them. The four of us became very fond of each other. They had invited us to their home in connection with coming to Baton Rouge to do some tango dancing. We never dreamed we would be visiting them as evacuees.
Their home is a lovely Acadian style house. It is on a huge bit of land, in a very pretty country setting. Believe it or not, we have never spent time in the Louisiana countryside since we moved to New Orleans eight years ago.
Out back, they have a terrific deck and patio. This little house is what Vicky calls her Redneck Fountain! It's a false front built on the front of the fence. I just love the screen door, and the tin roof with the"rain" running off of it into the pond. You walk across the little bridge to the porch. There are hooks to hang a porch swing. I want the hubs to build me one like this in New Orleans!
The horse trailer and truck are so country. The Mercedes is a loaner to us from Jessica and Jon who evacuated to Natchez. Our old BMW is having AC issues, and our mechanic didn't get it fixed in time for us to leave when we wanted to. The Benz was a solid, cool ride (thanks J & J!).
But the coolest ride is in the garage - his and hers Harleys!
Of course there a couple of dogs, a sweet Rottie named Rhoda, and a crazy bitch, a breed called a Blue Heeler (a herding dog), named Sobe.
Sobe is playing ball with Vicky's daughter Stephanie, a beautiful young lady who graciously welcomed us last night while Steve and Vicky were away securing their houseboat.
Here's crazy Sobe. She's sweet, but she's unpredictable. She might think Cholo is a snack food.
'Fraidy Cat Cholo is checking the girls out behind the fence. Sobe is checking out her afternoon snack.
But wait - there's one more critter here. Do you see him standing behind the fence?
He's Vicky's horse Tyler! A sweet, sweet boy. Cholo never saw a horse before, except when he watches the Animal Planet channel with me.
This is Tyler's beautiful barn. There's an upstairs that Steve and Vicky hope to turn into a tangeria, a tango dance hall so to speak. I can hardly wait!
This is the barn across the street at the neighbors. This area has alot of horses and cattle. And we are only twenty minutes from the capital, Baton Rouge. The whole area is rich in Acadian architecture. It is far more French here than in New Orleans.
I love the fences that cut across all the properties.
And now for some afternoon activity! I asked Steve if he would take me for a ride on his Harley! I haven't been riding for at least ten years! They tricked me out in motorcycle gear. I had to borrow some sneakers from Vicky. I don't own one pair of sneakers! I brought my flip flops and a two pairs of cute ballet flats (one leopard print, the other lime green with gold buckles and peep toes), and of course a couple of pairs of tango shoes (you never know). BTW Vicky is an excellent rider, but I rode with Steve.
Oh mama! Am I ever happy, happy, happy. The three of us took a long ride along curving roads, over bayous and through the woods, seeing horse farms, and cattle ranches. The air smelled of fresh mowed grass, and some sweet wood burning, and we just filled our lungs with clean country air and oxygen. We were thankful to be out on this sunny day before the coming storm.
We're all glued to the weather channel. Greenwell Springs will get a beating too, though it's inland enough to make us feel a little safer. It's nice to be with friends, cooking, hanging out, riding motorcycles, walking Cholo on this huge property, killing time as pleasantly as possible while we wait this thing out.
Our prayers are with everyone up and down the Gulf Coast.
The electricity will inevitability go out when the storm comes our way, so I am taking advantage of having the inter net while I can.

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