Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Heart Hillary

Chelsea looking chic and beautiful
introduced her mother tonight
at The Democratic National Convention

Mama hit it out of the park tonight
She looked radiant in her Hermes orange suit,

or as she put it: The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants Suit

Bill was proud of her

An eerie and magical moment
A year ago this picture,
would have meant something so different

So now we gotta do what we gotta do
Vote: Obama

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These were among my first postings on this blog
And I posted them on my mother's birthday


Mary Kay said...

I've never been a Hillary fan and I'm not a feminist, but she really impressed me this year. I have nothing bur admiration for the way she fought her way back despite the media and sexist bias against her. She did look stunning last night and I don't know how Chelsea kept a dry eye throughout the speech.

Old House Junkie said...

Val, I was so moved by her speech. I was afraid she'd hedge just a little, but she pulled through for the party. Best speech I've heard from her yet. ohj

Visual Vamp said...

Oh OHJ I love her so much, and she has only herself to blame for the heartache she caused. That and maybe the times they are a changin' - maybe a younger woman of Hillary's caliber might have broken the glass ceiling, but then there is no other woman out there like Hillary.
So with a heavy heart, I'm behind Obama.
But I wish Michelle would get a stylist - her hair, make up, and wardrobe are not up to her new role. I hope she's not going to be another Rosaline or Mamie.