Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Flowers

It's hard to believe another Summer is coming to an end. Many of your children are already back to school. Whatever happened to going back to school in September? If the Summer flowers in your cutting garden are looking droopy or depleted, you can augment the bouquets for your home from my favorite wholesaler G.Page HERE
Located in New York City, G. Page has the best flowers anywhere! And, yes they do ship.
This week's specials are Sunflowers and Lysianthus. I love Lysianthus, and the double ones are just as luscious looking as a rose. In fact the common name for Lizzies, is Prairie Rose.
G.Page's primary Sunflowers supplier from South (New) Jersey is now cutting product. Sunflower pricing ranges from $.9 to 1.75/stem depending on size. Double local Lysianthus pricing is $1.5/stem. So enjoy the pictures of the Summer flowers, and if you are able to order wholesale, check out G. Page. It's great to get a big box of flowers delivered right to your door.
If you'd like a little Labor Day Weekend Getaway, don't forget our Bed and Tango, which is a unique bed and breakfast we do in our home. You can enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer, get tango lessons, and get to see the new sexy Billy Baldwin brown living room. All the details are in the margin to the right, or e-mail me at
Which color Lysianthus to you like best?


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh those flowers are GORGEOUS!! love the colours!

Visual Vamp said...

Hi there! Nice to see you're around! Thanks for leaving a comment. You are a true flower lover!