Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm A Perch Addict

Every time someone comes over, and I take them for a walk in my neighborhood, I always steer them into a fabulous store, and one of my favorites, Perch, on Magazine Street.The other day I spied this clever version of a Victorian balloon back chair. Mr. Mayberry, the lovely manager told me it made their upholsterer go a little crazy.
Is it is amazing that Perch took something that looks like this, and updated it in such a beautiful and fresh way.
Here's another version of an updated Victorian chair by Dondoli and Pocci called Victor-Victoria, and you can get it HERE
Also at Perch, this wonderful fantasy canopy bed. And don't you just love all the things piled on and around it? I hope you can visit Perch, and maybe even take a walk with me in my neighborhood, and maybe stop for lunch at Commander's Palace and have 25 cents Martinis.


Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! That would be like sleeping outside under the trees. What a cool idea. -Julia

Visual Vamp said...

It is a great bed isn't it? Now how can we re-create it with some branches dragged in from the yard...