Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Shopping - Carla Bruni; Pagoda Chest (and more); Red Lacquer Table

Saturday shopping online - get out of the heat, save your gas money, and enjoy yourself!
Wasn't she just great on 20/20 last night?
Get her new CD (official release August 5) HERE

Everybody wants a little Chinoiserie
This little beauty ($349.) is from
The Williamsburg Marketplace

More Chinoiserie from Williamsburg HERE
A pair of these book stands would be wonderful
$289. for one

I have a thing for roosters
Stop laughing!
Weather vane rooster reproduction $139.
from Williamsburg Marketplace HERE

The Williamsburg catalogue
may not be the most hip one in the bunch,
but they have their version HERE
of on-trend damask/over scale toile
in a current color way - Chocolate Brown

In the vein of last century modern:
Red lacquer cute coffee table
the legs fold, which could be handy -
$29.99 from Wal Mart HERE


Pigtown-Design said...

Missed the 20/20 interview, but read the one in Vanity Fair. Very interesting.

Let me know if you need suggestions for things to do in Baltimore.

Visual Vamp said...

Hi! Carla Bruni was so charming and so smart on 20/20. She's a modern grown-up woman with past experiences, and she owns it with no regrets or apologies.
And thanks for you offer about Baltimore! Hope to be there in the Fall to teach some tango workshops, so I will be sure to ask you for some things to see and do.