Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Weekend - Peace Out

Well we're hitting the road. The hubs does not want to wait for the dreaded contra flow. Gustavo, in any of his hideous forms, is not due around here until Tuesday, but we're heading out late tonight. There is some happy news. A very nice local magazine is doing a photo shoot of my decor today. So I'm fluffing and primping, and very happy in spite of having to leave.
We're not going far, but to dear friends just up the road in Baton Rouge, where we'll camp out on air mattresses for the weekend. We'll make an adventure out of it! I hope this one won't keep us away from our home for four months, like the last one did.
To all my friends, especially those in NOLA, please stay in touch. I'm taking my laptop Barbie with me. To everyone who lives along the Gulf coast, I'm lighting candles for you all too. When we get through with Gustavo, Hanna is coming along to keep us all tingling.
And oh yeah, today is the third anniversary of Katrina. Peace out.


Dianne said...

Good luck, praying for all of you. We live in coastal N.C. so I know about hurricanes. Take care and hope you are back home soon.

Old House Junkie said...

Val, I'm thankful you have a safe place to go and wishing G would run out of steam before land. ohj

Cote de Texas said...

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for us both - but you especially.
keep in touch and let me know you're ok, ok????


avant garde said...

we are lucky living on cape cod massachusetts, although sometimes we get a threat of hurricanes too, but nothing like your area. hold tight to family and friends! i happened upon your blog through katiedid and will check back to see you are safely blogging again!