Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tabletop Fun

It was the morning of the photo shoot. I set the table the night before. The editor asked me to set the table in the dining room. It's been a long time since she's seen the house. There is no dining room anymore. It's now my office.When we do a formal sit down (as opposed to eating in the kitchen ), I use the dance parlor. I drag in the 60 inch round folding table, and set up dinner in there. It works out great because it's adjacent to the living room, so both rooms become one giant hang.
I took these photos before the photographer and the editor came over. And then I took a few more when they left.
The tabletop is an after dinner dessert presentation - New Orleans style. I didn't want to do a dinner setting per se, but rather something specific to New Orleans entertaining.
I used my collection of Cafe Brulot cups, Carnival plates, and French crawfish plates. I included Tiffany champagne flutes. The copper piece is a Brulot pot. The vintage white cake stand is from my friend Sabina. There's also sterling demi tasse spoons from Michael Pelkey, and an antique silver ladle from eBay. The strawberries are in an antique white ironstone mini tureen.
The tablecloths are custom made for the wedding I did for Dick Jenrette, eons ago. The gianormous hurricane candle holders are from Restoration Hardware. The hubs made the over size "votive" candles inside the hurricanes.
All in all it was fun to set this table, and more fun to eat the cake after the photo shoot.

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