Thursday, August 14, 2008

What About The F Word?

Blog literature. I read alot of it. And make no mistake, it is literature.
There have been some great potty mouths in literature.
I have been taking the F word out for a drive on my blog. I got a couple of comments HERE
I share one along with my response. WTF do you think?

The first family of swearing... to mine

Mary Kay said... So here's a comment for you: How do you know you're a successful blogger? Because I love to read your writing, even though I wince at the f-words, which were once a part of my vocabulary too, when I was younger - long about the time in the 80's when I met my husband-to-be in a Chicago bar.

Watching Sopranos bothered me at first too, except I'd lived in NJ for 4 years as a newlywed. That was the lingo and part of the cultural fabric of the place. Tony on A&E is just not the same.

I'm not a reader, I'm a skimmer or just a picture-viewer. Haven't read a book in almost 3 years. So for me to read your entire posts is a .... BFD!

Best, marykay

Lenny Bruce
A great proponent of the F word
He made it possible for all of us
to use it publicly
without going to jail for it

Visual Vamp said... About the swearing and the F word LOL. I wish it was forced ha ha ha. My mother was a lovely woman,a well reared Catholic lady from a lovely set of parents who never cursed. Yet she had the biggest potty mouth I ever heard. And she was loud! And she had 7 kids, so when she was screaming at us to try and get some fucking control, we were mortified that the neighbors could hear it. And guess what? All 7 of us swear. And every year we make a resolution that we'll stop, or at least cut back. I'm an old school New Yorker, and somehow the F word is just part of the vernacular.
As a writer, you make the choice to use it or not. I actually use it less to almost zero in my daily speech (I really am a lady LOL), yet when I write, it's part of my voice - sometimes. The blog is a process for me as a writer. I'm trying out all kinds of things.
I don't want to turn you guys off, but I want the blog to have the feeling of freedom, even if it means saying fuck.

My first dirty book along with Peyton Place
when I was a pre-teen

Henry Miller
Henry Fucking Miller
Another early influence

And my poetry teacher
Erica Jong
Poet, Novelist, Mother
Inventor of The Zipless Fuck

There are tons more of great potty mouths in literature. Who are some of your favorites? Famous or not, books or blogs...


Mary Kay said...

Whatsamottayou, GF? You've got me LOL again! I was just about to give you my f-ing professional opinion on your window treatment issue when this post popped up. Lost my d**n train of thought.

Thanks so much for visiting my freakin' blog and for the kind link back! Have a great tango weekend!


Cote de Texas said...

My first high school dirty book was The Nine Holes of Jade - use your imagination. I hid it for the week I had it - then it was time to pass it on to the next in line. We could never figure out what the 9th hole was. oh God, what a joke.

Sneaky Chic said...

Fuck is in my top 3 favorite words of all time. It is just so...versatile, like a little black dress.