Monday, September 15, 2008

Country French Magazine Fall/Winter 2008

I picked up this magazine the other day. At first I didn't want it. In fact I looked at it at least a week ago, and said nah, mainly because it's $9.99. I think that's alot for a magazine especially when I buy so many every month.
But I looked at it more closely, and realized it is more like a soft cover, soft page book. It has 143 pages, nearly everyone of them filled with beautiful images of one of my favorite decors.

So I threw it in the check out. I got it at Lowes. Lowes has a pretty great selection of decor magazines, and they discount them 10%.
This is from a piece entitled Soulful Silhouettes. California owners outfit their hilltop chateau with statement antiquities. They use alot of devotional pieces to great effect. I think the pooch looks like a certain George we know. The antique iron rocker is called a digsetive, meant to rock off a big meal! Now that's my kind of exercise!
The dining room has another devotional figure on the sideboard. The chairs are French style made in Mexico, and the tablecloth is a drop cloth with a hand painted border done by the man of the house.
He also designed the tall numbered chest in the bathroom.
The next couple of images come from the story called Heartfelt Defection. Apparently the owners banished all English elements from their Georgian style home, replacing them with Gallic touches inside and out. I love the linen tablecloth.This is the living room, featuring classic French Country elements: Sisal rug, linen slip covers, antique French sconce, shutters on the arched windows.

We now come to a piece called Touch of Elegance. The bedroom is the cover shot. The living room uses sisal and slip covers again, but this time in a wide red ticking stripe. This is beach house French Country - the shells on the mantel are a perfect accent. And do you see the old faded blue panel to the right?

This is the dining room. The dining room chair legs are tied with ribbons, and the comfy arm chair encourages lingering.
This is the other side of the dining room. I wanted to show more of the white ironstone, and the pretty painting over the sideboard nestled between the two built-ins.
Relaxed Refinement is the title given to this living room. I love the big 19th century clock with gold leaf numbers. Joni Webb has been after me to hang my clock on the shutters over the couch. Maybe she saw this, or maybe she's just brilliant. So tonight I played around and hung the clock as Joni suggested. I'm getting back in touch with my country French ways ha ha! Merci Joni!

These next images are from an article called Charming Cadence, in which a design savvy homeowner surrounds herself with French Country colors, pretty patterned fabrics, and a few of her favorite things. This red lantern is really something
She uses a country pine table as a desk. I have one like this from my old beach house that I gave to the hubs to use as his desk upstairs in the man cave. It doesn't look quite as cute as this.
The living room is so charming, and reminds me of a Lynn Von Kersting space.
And here's the charming bedroom, still using the terrific mix of reds and yellows.
There are a ton more pictures and articles, so if you like French Country, spend the $10. and get this issue. I'm sure it is an issue that will remain in your clipping files for years to come.


vicki archer said...

Seriously gorgeous images - I shall hunt down that mag, thanks for the tip.

viera said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I love numbered chest.
Thank You

Cote de Texas said...

hmmm - what did I tell you? looks pretty darn great to moi! you better keep it there - your room looks so great, I can't get over it.

Anonymous said...

I love your living room! Very cozy and chic at the same time!

Blushing hostess said...

Thank you very kindly for visiting my blogs! I see Robbins Wolfe pop up here and there in mags for various charity events, they do unbelieveable work, yes? Anyhow, I enjoy reading and looking at swipes along with you. Keep in touch! Catherine

Visual Vamp said...

Aw, you guys are the best!
And Joni did you see the George impersonator?
And thanks for the clock tip - you were so right, and I bow down to you :-)

Topsy Turvy said...

I love the clock! Your room is looking wonderful.


Visual Vamp said...

I love it too! Joni was so right about doing it!
Isn't it fun to play with your house, move things around, and make it pretty and comfy?
And then get to share your handiwork with friends who appreciate it?
Whooo hoo life is good!