Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Patricia Fields Always In Style

Patricia Fields has won mass market fame by being the stylist for Sex And The City and The Devil Wears Prada, but to me she was the cool chick around the corner with the cool shop on 8th Street near University in the Village. New York City for those who don't recognize the streets.
Sometimes we shared the same hair color. Sometimes I bought something from her shop, though it had upscale prices. But I did manage to snag a then new designer on sale, like Steven Sprouse, or Vivienne Westwood.

Like so many other smart and savvy maverick design icons, Pat is moving into the mainstream market even further. She has three lines out, one in England, and two in the US.
She's doing a line for Home Shopping Network. You can pre order now. Perhaps you'd like this turquoise dress that looks like it came off her back.
On Tuesday September 16, you can pre order the famous corsage dress Carrie (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) wore in Sex And The City, made for HSN in a more flattering and practical black color way. You can go to HSN and look at a photo of it HERE
I've never been one for the one shoulder look, but I might try this dress for a tango party, or maybe this good looking trench coat for my Winter coat here in New Orleans. HSN is doing a nice promotion: If you pre order now they'll throw in a year's subscription to VOGUE with your order. Price points are from around $100. -$149.
Pat has also launched a line of red carpet shoes at Payless. Most of the Summer line has sold out at around $35. a pair. I saw a Payless commercial today on TV showing her new Fall line, but it's not on line yet, (and it looks yummy).
Pat looks happy at the Payless launch back last Spring. The gold platform was her best seller...
...and here she is actually wearing it on the red carpet somewhere, looking just fabulous.

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