Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Interior Design Magazine - August 2008 Issue - Rigg Designs: Brooklyn Interactive

Interior Design Magazine is a very cool publication. The current issue is full of beautiful photography and very interesting articles HERE.
I chose images from one article for you as a little teaser.
It's called Brooklyn Interactive: Like a well preserved society woman, the exterior of this limestone town house in Brooklyn, New York, is elegant and attractive yet looks its age—a century, give or take a decade. But walk in the door, and it's clear that this patrician beauty does not live in the past. The front halves of two entire floors resemble a gallery specializing in cutting-edge art, as futuristic paintings share...Read the rest of this story HERE
In the game room of a town house renovated by Rigg Design in Brooklyn, New York, hangs Bionic Angel, a photograph by Michael Najjar. The stainless-steel billiard table converts into a conference table. Photography: Eric Laignel
Jorge Pardo's sculpture-lights in glass and plywood hang between the second and third stories, in a newly carved-out light well. Photography: Michael Weber
In the gallery on the parlor floor, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Synaptic Caguamas features oversize beer bottles that spin, according to ever altering algorithms, on a Mexican cantina table. Photography: Eric Laignel
The dining room's neon Lozano-Hemmer Entanglement is connected through the Web to a twin sign at the U.K. home of owner Jonathon Carroll's twin sister; when one sign goes off or on, so does the other. Photography: Eric Laignel
A bench by Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann, and Harald Gr√ľndl backs up to a new flight of stairs that descends from the parlor floor to the garden level, once a separate apartment. Photography: Michael Weber
Jean-Michel Basquiat's Self-Portrait as a Heel introduces the epoxy-floored gallery on the second level. Photography: Eric Laignel
Keith Tyson's silicone The Inertia of Desire (Worthless Fat Fuck With Nullifiers), and Bjorn Schulke's Luftgitarre flank a chair by Stew Design Workshop. The photograph Danae is also by Najjar. Photography: Michael Weber
A new 4-by-6-foot skylight tops the light well. Photography: Michael Weber
A kitchenette in the game room combines lacquered MDF cabinetry and stainless appliances. Photography: Michael Weber
The game room's Patricia Urquiola sectional sits beneath David Hockney's photo collage South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Photography: Eric Laignel
Antonio Lupi designed the sink, vanity, mirror, and pendant fixture in the bathroom off the game room; the wallpaper is custom. Photography: Eric Laignel
The mantel was replaced by a surround of Italian marble and painted poplar, above which Lozano-Hemmer's interactive 33 Questions is installed. Rodolfo Dordoni designed the sectional and the drum table. Photography: Eric Laignel
Whew! I don't know about you guys, but this was kind of sexy for me....


The Design Coach said...

I love the hot pink dandelion-going-to-seed wallpaper. I am inspired to create my own version. My home office is in need of an update. I may try with a beautiful shade turquoise or maybe crimson. Queen Anne's lace would look lovely in this huge scale too.

Merri Cvetan

Neutral Dwelling said...

I have my issue to peruse today!

Visual Vamp said...

I love that pink paper too, and since it's custom, you can create your own version, by perhaps painting your wall! Send me a photo if you do it, and I'll publish it.