Monday, September 22, 2008

Fancy Baby Rooms

I saw this photo and it struck such a chord in me. Maybe a couple of discordant notes too.
As a fantasy room I just love this. But when I think of real babies in this room, I just can't wrap my mind around it.
There are twin boys in my family, and their baby room was very cute, a circus theme, but very pretty and not that garish big top look, but all soft washed out colors. Their cribs were made to look like circus wagons.
The first bedroom I have memories of was in that same house. We were flush then, well at least my parents were. It was a happy time for the whole family.
My bedroom was pale pink with an accent wall with wallpaper, with ballet images on it. A ballet barre and mirror were also on this wall. I was a child performer, and even in my bedroom, I was expected to practice. My bedroom furniture was white. The window treatments were those fluffy crisscrossed white nylon Priscilla curtains. I had a pale yellow portable TV.
Down the hall was my brother's bedroom, and it had bunk beds and his accent wall was Davey Crockett.
My two younger sisters shared a room that was also pale pink (those were the days when gender decor was strictly adhered to).
I don't recall any of our rooms being extravagant. Just nice.
Later when hard times hit our family, it was bunk bed city, the boys in one room, and the girls in another. There was no room for anything else but two sets of bunk beds, and maybe a dresser. I hated it. Better times came again, and I got a better room then, though I don't remember much about it, as I was nearly grown up enough to leave for art school.
What was your childhood room like, and if you have children, do you really go all out in decorating it? I would love to see and post photos please...

Fancy Baby Room: AFK Fine Furniture For Children 1-800-700-6547


Topsy Turvy said...

I can say that we definitely did not have voluminous bed skirts on our cribs (like those in the photo). I can just see poor Dad tripping over those and fumbling the baby like a football. I DO like the chandelier though. :)


originalmrsrobinson said...

Childhood bedroom? What's that. We grew up in a shotgun home with only six rooms including the kitchen and bathroom - just two bedrooms for seven people. My parents had a really nice bedroom set that they got when they were married, but they slept on a pullout in the family room. The decoration was whatever we could get that was affordable. It was noisy, lacked privacy but was mostly happy. Mom made sure we always made our beds, too. So it was fairly neat despite the multitude.