Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lakeside Property

A friend of ours, actually a couple who were our adult students, and who we have known since we first moved to New Orleans, sent us these photos of their new lakeside property.They even have a dock right up to the house. all of this courtesy of Ike! Me no likee Ikeee.
This couple lives in Crown Point, just 20 miles south of the New Orleans. While the city and environs did not get the actual hurricane, the outer bands that produced wind, rain, and tidal surges wrecked havoc, just a half hour from our snug and dry doorstep. It's sobering to say the least.
In the meantime, Houston and environs took the ass kicking from Ike, and has new lakeside property of its own.
Our Joni of Cote de Texas is still without power, and writing to us from her car at five in the morning, using the car battery to power up her lap top. Nearby friends and family are in the same boat so to speak, all suffering and waiting for the electricty to come on.
So if any of you see one of these guys from all these electric company trucks parked in Houston, maybe give them some beers and a smile, and sweet talk them into going over to Joni's.
Or if you have a generator to spare, high tail it over to her house so she can stop living in her car.
This is a photo from the Houston Heights neighborhood...
and he has this little fellow to back up the sentiment on the sign!
This is a photo of Galveston today, a place Joni wrote about this Summer HERE, a place she loves very much.
These guys are cleaning up the glass and debris from the mess Ike caused in downtown Houston. You can read a story in The New York Times HERE and see more photos, from whence these came.


cotedetexas said...

wow = I hadn't seen those pictures. unreal. and you see all those trucks - well today there were seven in the parking lot for like two hours just sitting there! I was like, i'll pay you to come to my house, like in money or sex whichever you want. there weren't any takers. Not that I can blame them - I'm a fright. no beauty shop, no makeup, nothing, sweat pants,I look like an refugee from Siberia. ugggh.. SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS

Visual Vamp said...

Ike is a mean mother...he's wrecking havoc in Ohio too!
I know you got your lights back on, and I'm so happy you're okay.
xo xo