Friday, September 12, 2008

Tricia Guild Living Rooms - A Look Book

I'm a couple of years behind in my reading. So I just picked this up, and totally enjoyed it.Tricia Guild has been around since the 1970's, but recently she's be on trend as the magazines and style doyennes like to say. This book came out last year, and got respectable buzz on the blogs.
The book is pretty good reading, an extensive text book overview of global textiles and patterns. It is wonderfully produced. There is a scattering of lovely vellum pages that allow you to see the page that precedes and follows it, through the romantic image printed on the vellum. Some pages are printed on mat stock, and some on glossy. The dust jacket has tactile raised velvet flocking. This book could very well become a collectors item years into the future.
I've concentrated on showing you the living rooms in the book. There is definitely a Tricia Guild formula. The first thing is color.
Mixing patterns is the next element. Antiques and modern furniture are also mixed, none out shining the other. A statement chandelier is also an important part of the mix .
Tricia seems to favor bare floors, whether they are wood or tile or stone. Maybe one small area rug will be used.
At least one large or over scale mirror should be used if you want to get this look.
Saarinen tables and chairs are another favorite accent that hits the right note for Tricia.
One piece of any good Mid 20th Century Modern furniture should be added.
It doesn't hurt to have a space with high high ceilings, something that looks like a Paris apartment.

Though she mixes patterns, Tricia often stays within one color palette, using every hue and value in that palette.
Floor cushions add a certain youthful exuberance, when mixed with French furniture covered in Tricia's vibrant patterns.Using different patterns and textures of long grand lengths of fabrics for curtain panels on the same window is her signature.
If she uses a cornice, it's usually a soft cornice made of fabric, more of a luxe valance.
Tricia will mix wall paper patterns too. In the case of using black and white, she plays with the scale of the prints.
Square arms are favored on sofas and chairs. I love the way she uses little rustic elements like the folding chair.
She seems to use narrow metal curtain rods. I've done this myself, and it has a certain lightness as opposed to thicker rods and finials.Wouldn't you just love to have the boiseries in this room?
Review - elements to use to achieve that Tricia Guild look in your living room:
  • Square arm sofa covered in vibrant color or print
  • Antique style French accent chairs and tables
  • Over size antique style mirror
  • A statement chandelier
  • Monochromatic palette, but using every value and hue in that palette
  • Wallpaper - one accent wall
  • Mixture of prints - florals, stripes, damasks, toile (see her book)
  • Bare floors
  • Floor cushions
  • Ceiling to floor curtain panels using different fabrics on the same window
  • Saarinen side table, or other Mid Century accents
  • Rustic accents
  • Small bouquets of one type of flower (stems cut short, flower heads tip to tip)
  • Low square modern coffee table
  • Floor lamps - modern and quirky
Though I respect and admire Tricia Guild very much, sometimes her interior design looks like a very upscale Ikea sensibility. Maybe this is a good thing that makes getting this look possible for the home decorator who loves color and pattern. If the spaces and her line of fabric and wallpapers, were not so grand and beautifully executed, and the use of antiques not introduced into the scheme, her work could be used in the Be Brave Not Beige advertising campaign.


Carla said...

I have long loved Trish Guild's colours and designs. Great selection of photos

Pigtown-Design said...

She's got two semi-adjoining shops on the King's Road in London. They're always a favoutite stop when I am there!

Visual Vamp said...

I would love to see her shops!
Do you have any photos on your blog? BTW the next time you go to London, will you please (pretty please) bring me back something from her shop :-)