Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whitney English Reveals The Work Habits Of Bloggers

Whitney English is a company that sells beautiful stationary. Yes the kind I hope you all still use, the kind that requires penmanship and a pretty postage stamp HERE.The site also has other fun features. One that I really like is the blog portion of course. They do a cute interview thingee with other bloginistas, AND they show you their desks and offices! It is way cool to see the work space of a creative person.
We'll play the silly guessing game, silly because I am sure the whole f-ing blog universe has seen this desk, because it is the desk of one the best bloginistas out there. This is the "before" picture. You can go to her blog to see the "after". Who is it? Your prize? A place in the lumpy back seat next time we have to evacuate (I'll even give you a Hana Montana coloring book, and a Sterling silver flask filled with vodka).
This is the desk of Dose of Design. I personally love this hot mess, because it is pretty much the way so many creative busy people work. Out of chaos comes great things. Especially when there's an empty ketchup bottle involved.

Here's another blogger's cute and pretty desk, Yvonne from Yvestown HERE

You can see more desks and work spaces, and read the revealing interviews at Whitney English HERE

Would you like to see your desk published for the whole world to see?


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Um. In a word. No.

Cote de Texas said...

muchas gracias tango lady

Visual Vamp said...

Da nada.
Are hunkering down to ride out Ike? You know I'm hoping you and yours will be okay.