Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Weekend - Look What The UPS Man Brought!

Whooo Hooo! The new chaise came, and the hubs loves it. The living room make over is coming to completion!
Have a great weekend.
And everybody in the path of Ike be careful and let us hear from you after you ride it out.
We've had gusty strong winds and rain here since yesterday, and we're just getting the outer bands. I really feel for everyone who goes through these hurricanes.
Peace Out.


Debe said...

Yeah, your chaise is spectular!! We are sitting here in The Woodlands still waiting for the great IKE!! All day...waiting..not even wind or rain. I am sure I may eat my words and after what NOLA has gone thru, sorry. Just frustrating. We'll talk Saturday. Enjoy your blog, found you via Joni. Luv that girl. Waiting...........poor Galveston and Ike has barely landed!

Visual Vamp said...

Joni is the great connector isn't she?
I hope Ike leaves you alone.
I'm sure you saw Joni's Ike post. We've been watching the news all night, worrying for you all.
Thanks for stopping by...

Cote de Texas said...

HI - we're fine! we're great ! just no power - maybe tomorrow hopefully.

VAL: love the chaise - it looks so great - looks like the one in that hotel you showed. take a picture of the room with the chaise - I need the whole room to visualize. hahah!!

Love it!

Hooked on Houses said...

What a gorgeous chaise! I want to curl right up in it and read one of those magazines you've got stacked up beside it. -Julia

Visual Vamp said...

Joni, So good to hear you guys are okay! Was it scary? Hopefully your power is on by now.
We have other friends in Houston who didn't lose power, just cable.
And I'm glad your girls approve of the chaise!!! It's very cute.
I'll post a picture of it in the room Joni just for you ha ha!