Monday, September 22, 2008

Does Anyone Want A Chanel Handbag?

We have basic cable and don't get Lifetime. There was quite alot of blog buzz about this biopic, which aired last week. I went to the Lifetime web site to see if I could watch it there, but they don't do that. Has anyone seen it? Did anyone tape it? Was it any good? The trailer looked a little hokey. While I was at the Lifetime web site, I entered this contest HERE
Once upon a time I owned a Chanel handbag and a Chanel jacket, I gave the bag to my sister, and sold the jacket on eBay so I could buy our dog Cholo. I'm not really into this purse, and prefer the brown one I found on line (they both look like knockoffs to me ha ha). If I win, maybe I'll sell it, and get a little sister for Cholo (and call her CC).
But in the meantime, I thought I'd post some photos of Coco's Rue Cambon apartment. I know many of you have seen these and posted them too, but I needed a consolation prize for having cheap cable service. So let's take a little tour starting at the entrance...
...this is the anteroom
...the family room (ha ha)
...that magnificent chandelier
...the living room, with those famous screens (like I wanted for behind my couch ha ha)
...a gold wheat sheaf table (I have one that I'm selling right now)
...another view of the living room
...the dining room
...this has also been identified as the dining room, but I don't know
...a lovely vignette
You can go HERE to see a video tour of her apartment, and some little film about making a commercial there.

How was the set design for the Lifetime movie? Did anything like this appear?


Ewa said...

Maybe I have seen it before, but it is always nice to see nice things... little inspiration didn't hurt anyone yet, right?
Thanks for sharing and greetings,

vicki archer said...

I can't help about the movie - would like to see it myself but suspect it wont hit the UK or France for some time. Love CC's apartment though.

Topsy Turvy said...

So, so glamourous! I missed the movie also.


Sabina said...

I saw it. Typical Lifetime drek. Three hours long and not enough content. Go see a Chanel retrospective, visit a Chanel boutique, and read this blog instead!