Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Shopping - Perch New Orleans

By now, you know that Perch in New Orleans is a favorite shop, one of those stores I could just move into and happily live there. It's in my neighborhood, and when I take Cholo out for a walk, it's not uncommon for us to stop in and say hello, visit with the shop dog Camille, and her "mom", the owner of Perch, Caroline, and Mayberry the other shop dog who belongs to Perch manager Jack.
It's a wonderful place ensconced in a grand century old house. Caroline has kept the store looking like a home of sorts, with one room full of treasures and eye candy, opening unto the next, and the next, and the next. Nothing is off limits, so you can meander all the way to the charming back courtyard (and even see the old kitchen which is still intact and in use).
Displays are not stuffy, but rather arranged in an casual way that belies a knowing hand at the helm.
Perch sells antiques and contemporary furnishings and accessories, including a line of very good looking furniture. I love the dapper fellow on the pillow.
I'm also crazy about this rustic Chinoiserie style small cabinet. It has Chinese lines and a French wash finish. The tall red case piece it's sitting on is very striking too.
Different types of sofas and chairs are scattered about, and the flat screen gives the store the feeling of home, perhaps making it easy for you to visualize these things in your home.
There is also a nice collection of smalls scattered about. Surely you have a silver fox in your life who would like to have this little guy (he's standing next to the base of a Kartell lamp on a beautiful marble top table). The little zippered bag has a wonderful portrait of a lady woven into the fabric.
This statement square lamp has a brick work pattern of staggered shells. Perch carries a full line of striking lamps and chandiliers.
This marble top table has an antique base. The papier mache bird "perched" on the stack of books in one from a very witty line of goods.
The line includes this white embossed cube pedestal. It's very lightweight, but can support a couple of hundred pounds.
There are also smaller birds, that are so charming whether you have one or several.
The newest addition to the collection is this fabulous lamp with an artichoke base. The crystal ball finial and acrylic base add sparkle plenty, and the white lacquer drum shade adds polish.
Papier mache cow heads come in happy colors, and are a fresh take on the ever popular animal head and horns trend.
I can see these in a kitchen, in the manner of those French kitchens that always seems to have a bovine head displayed (photo Cote de Texas).
This terrific turquoise cache pot is displayed nicely on top of a lime washed armoire - don't you just love the little birds nest juxtaposed?
And of course we come to my favorite chair. I call this classic French style chair "Camille" after the shop dog, who is a ball of white fluff and femininity. This is Camille in white patent leather and white wood finish.
You can get her dressed in any color or fabric, and the wood can be finished in any way and in any color that you like.
Here's Camille as a work in progress in the back room, getting a custom make over in turquoise patent. I love the matching paint color on the wood .This is so elegant, pale blue velvet, leaving the back open. It makes the Camille chair form look completely different.
A more traditional look with cane backs, and the burlap underpinnings waiting for a fabric choice.
Perch has a web site, and they ship anywhere in the world. Caroline and Jack are expert and gifted interior designers, and are so friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. You can feel confident working with them in person, as well as on line and by phone.


2844 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 899-2122


Ann said...

The square is so cool. I love the birds and cow heads, maybe because they are so colorful. Lucky you, you have a store like Perch in your neighborhood.

Visual Vamp said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for "shoping" with me!
You can shop at Perch too, just go to their web site.
The things you like are super lightwieght and so easy to ship.
And thanks for saying I'm lucky! It's not often that people think living in New Orleans is lucky anymore LOL, but I Heart New Orleans More Than Ever!
xo xo

Country French Antiques said...

Bonjour Vamp,
Merci for stopping by!
Interesting blog you have, I like the variety. I've also added you to my blogroll. Merci beaucoup and have a beautiful weekend!
I'll be back :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh oh oh...I am loving me one or two of those great lamps!!

What a GREAT store! Is that your pooch??? Adorable!

Visual Vamp said...

Hi Linda,
That's my baby boy! He loves to go shopping with mama :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi V! You are a LOVE! Thank you for such a nice representation of our perch. Thank you! thank you! Come by and visit and bring Cholo. Also- You have to come to our Art for Arts' Sake party Saturday October 4th! We are featuring some amazing ART!!!
Love- C
p.s. I still have your book - I haven't had time to sit long enough to read it. ;-/ can i keep on loan a bit longer??

Visual Vamp said...

Hey Caroline,
Thanks for stopping by!
You are so welcome too! It's a pleasure to show off my favorite shop.
We'll be there on the 4th for sure!
Thanks for the invitation.
And keep the book as long as you like (My French Life - in case you're reading the blog today Vicki)...
xo xo

pve design said...

I want to kiss your baby boy - he is precious and that store makes me want to bring it all home to my nest.
Great items that are hip, chic and nod to a smart habitat.

Paul Pincus said...

i really love that red chair in image # 3. i checked out Perch online...i have a feeling we'll enquire about something soon! thank you for the intro : )

i was swooning over cholo so much i think i made gryffin a little jealous! oh, i also stole his image for my image bank! he's a beauty.


Visual Vamp said...

Hi Paul,
I hope you get that fab red chair!
And always feel free to take any photos! I can send you dozens of Cholo, as I am a doting "mom"...
xo xo

Material Girls said...

I recognize that artichoke lamp! Thanks for the heads up- that store looks so fun!