Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flowers for Hillary

What is wrong with Barack Obama? Besides being full of the sound of his own voice? Besides always preening in his manufactured inter net "rock star" glow? Besides acting like a spoiled brat when the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket is proffered?
He screams that Hillary does not stand for change, that he's the only one who stands for change. Selfish, selfish, selfish. Millions of us stand for change. Hillary was standing for change when Baby Barack was being changed. Sorry, that's low and age-ist, but if he is really as good and gracious and smart as he likes to portray himself, then surely he could see that grooming himself IN THE WHITE HOUSE with Hillary (who is his elder, and senior in every way to him) can only be a great career move. He can learn and avoid the major wet-behind-the- ears learning curve we will all have to endure along with him. Grade B preacher ranting and rhetoric can only go so far in this country, and you can imagine how he and it will go over, over there.
Can he beat McCain alone? This is the crucial question. He thinks the Hillary campaign is tough. The Republicans will chew him up and maybe steal the election AGAIN. Hillary is no push over. She is tough, she is experienced, she can be dirty and still be a lady and the President. The two of them together would be the spectacular one-two knockout punch!
BO thinks just because he is winning the Democrat popular vote by a hair, that he has already been elected. Not everyone wants the "change" he is offering. And those people not wanting the BO change are no slackers when it comes to getting their way.
No one likes to talk about the way the votes are coming down. Shhhhhhhh - It's not PC. But the fact is that African Americans are really turning out the vote for BO. Women who should be voting for Hillary are voting for BO.
Wake up women! When again SOON will there be another woman presidential candidate on deck? The older gals who have been supporting women's rights for years, and paving the way for the younger ones who benefit from their struggle, deserve Hillary in the White House. And shame on those of you senior ladies who forgot the way it used to be, and are not voting for Hillary. Plenty men are voting for Hillary too. Why? Because she's great, she's qualified light years beyond any man or woman in and out of her league. The girls on SLN got it right - we need a bitch in the house!
We want change, so what better candidate than someone who might be going through THE CHANGE! Men have ruled the USA for so long. Blah, blah, blah, it's just the best PERSON for the job, no color distinction, no gender distinction - yeah right - why do we lie with a wink and a smirk in the name of being PC on the record in the kingdom of good ol' boys? History shows us that women make strong heads of government, and great and productive leaders.
The photos that accompany this rant, were taken in 1993, at an event in Washington DC that I did for Hillary at The National Press Club. We were all so much younger then. Hillary was First Lady. It was pre-Monica; pre-911; pre-war Iraq; pre-recession. We were as fresh as the lovely flowers she loves so much. I share these photos with you all in hopes that some of the younger ones out there see Hillary in another light.
We were all you once upon a time. Please don't be age-ist when you see Hillary.
BO has his Obama Girl, so won't someone please step up and be the top cougar's Boy Toy? You Tube is awaiting!

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Anonymous said...

Uh, well, at this point all I can say is, "Nice flowers!"