Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Chairs of Tigre

Outdoor chairs on the deck overlooking one of the rivers of Tigre

Tractor seat stool - buy it HERE

Folding chairs with leather hand tooled leather seats

A high chair in a restaurant made of caña

A cute rustic style X bench under $100. US

A rocking chair made out bamboo (caña)

You didn't think I would leave you hanging and not show you some of the things in the vast flea market in Tigre? HERE
I have so many photos that I am dividing them into groups.
You know about my chair obsession, so as they say in the flea markets in England: "Madame, may I present this fabulous object for your inspection..."
The furniture is mostly what is called Estilo Campo (country style). It is hand made and pretty nice, and very affordable. There are quite a few bamboo pieces. They call bamboo caña. I have told you that we live in the Las Cañitas neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is called this because 100 years ago this area was known for growing the caña used to make furniture and other items.

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Sneaky Chic said...

Seriously, I want all of them! I too have a chair obsession. And a lamp obsession, and a fabric obsession...but chairs, they are magical.