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Rate My Space Convention - Sign Up Now!

STILL TIME TO SIGN UP!!!! Deadline extended to May 15

Please read this e-mail exchange first before you sign up:

Okay, thank you for the info...I appreciate you clarifying might want to add this info to your blog??? Best regards, B

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From: Visual Vamp
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Subject: Re: HGTV Show in New Orleans

Hi Bonita,
I have explained this several times, and don't mind doing it again for you :-)
I am a regular at RMS. Some of us got to "talking" (via the comments section on RMS) about getting together to meet one another in person - for the fun of it, for sharing, etc. We kind of use RMS as a decor pen pal club, and just thought it would be a blast to meet in person.
When I found out about the RMS TV show, and "scooped" the info and told my RMS friends about it (in March). We got excited about maybe watching the show together.
But where and how was the question.
I was an event planner and style consultant for over 20 years in New York City. My company was: Valorie Hart Designs. I semi-retired 15 years ago when I met my husband who is Argentine. We reinvented our early retirement as Argentine tango teachers. You can read about us on our web site
We also organize tango festivals, and have done 5 of them in Reno, and 4 in New Orleans, where we live. So I thought I would use my experience and hotel connections and put together a little package getaway for RMSers to coincide with the weekend the first RMS TV show was to air. I even invited Angelo Surmelis, the host of the new RMS show to attend our little get together, and he kindly replied that he would love to, but is booked until December 25!
There is no profit involved for me. The hotel and party costs are what I am being charged. When I first announced this I said it was an event created by the (RMS) people, and for the (RMS) people.
I never intended to involve HGTV, because this was meant to be something done among ourselves. HGTV is part of huge publishing/media corporation, and due the short lead time, and spontaneous idea of doing this, I did not pitch a proposal to do this with them.
However, I predict because of the grass roots interest I have stirred up on RMS and via my blog they will take this idea and do it, with or without my participation :-) LOL
You have every right to be careful of who you give your money to, and I appreciate your question. I offered Paypal as a service, and they have a very good safeguard system via their dispute board, and covering a buyer for up to $2,000. I have been an active seller and buyer on eBay for three years, and use Paypal without any problem. We also us Paypal for our Planet Tango on-line boutique where we sell tango stuff.
So I hope this answers your question.
I look forward to seeing your spaces on RMS.
I will also send HGTV a copy of this letter today, since they seem to be getting questions about this event.
Very best regards,
Valorie Hart
who is the *visual*vamp*
and mariposa490 at RMS and on eBay

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From: Bonita
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:13:36 PM
Subject: HGTV Show in New Orleans

No one at HGTV knows ANYTHING about a show in NEW ORLEANS or a convention...So why should anyone send you $$$$ money? Please explain...

Rate My Space
First Annual Convention

June 13 - June 16 in New Orleans!

This event is for anyone who loves decor and design.

Rate My Space is an inter net group where spaces are shared, looked at, and commented on. Many friendships have developed on line. Now is your chance to come and meet one another in person!

This event coincides with the premiere episode of HGTV's new show Rate My Space, based on the inter net phenomena you have all made happen! Show participants are being selected from the photos you have posted on RMS.

The location is a delightful new Hotel Le Cirque in the best neighborhood in New Orleans, the Warehouse District. The building is edgy urban chic, and the bistro of the same name in the lobby is the best new restaurant in the city. Located next to both the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the exceptional D-Day Museum, and steps away form the Contemporary Museum of Art. It's a short stroll to the hundreds of fashionable art galleries, shops, restaurants, bars, hot spots and beautiful people of New Orleans. Walking distance to the French Quarter, convention center, Harah's casino, CBD, and Lower Garden District, plus the St. Charles Avenue Street Car stops right in front of the hotel, so you can get anywhere you'd want to go in New Orleans without ever getting in a car.

Hotel Le Cirque was chosen especially for you the interior design lover. It has been awarded Best Designed in North and South America.
Hotel Le Cirque, New Orleans' hottest new property, is affiliated with Design Hotels, a coalition of 90 hotels spanning the globe from Europe to Asia. Hotel Le Cirque is located at one of the city's most prestigious addresses - Lee Circle at St. Charles Avenue.

  • Hotel - $300. single or double occupancy, includes 3 nights (Check in Friday June 13, stay Saturday June14, Sunday June 15 check out Monday June 16)
  • Meet and Greet Party (with food and wine) at the home of an RMSer $25. per person
  • Private Screening of Rate My Space with a catered gourmet "TV Dinner" $75. per person
  • Other surprise activities are being planned

  • Screening and Dinner Only on Sunday June 15 from 6 - 10 PM - $75. per person
  • One night's lodging Sunday June 15 $100. double or single occupancy

  • Reservations must be made by May 15, with full payment

You book everything with me. I have put down a hefty deposit on your behalf, so please do not call the hotel. I am doing the rooming list, and taking care of all the details for our group. I have over 25 years experience as an event planner. My prior company in New York City, Valorie Hart Designs produced thousands of events world wide. My present company Planet Tango has produced hundreds of events world wide since 1997. You are in good hands!

Pay by check to: Valorie Hart, 808 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Paypal: (you can use a credit card)

Please make sure you give me your names, how many people in a room, one or two beds.
If you are just coming to the screening, please make sure I have your name for the guest list.

You can contact me at

Let's make this happen! I hope to make this an annual event.

Bring your photos and your stories to tell! Bring your walking and shopping shoes! Come prepared to eat and drink and be merry! And let's all rate Rate My Space the TV show!

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