Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids and Families in Buenos Aires

Mini chair cars, video monitors, brilliant decor - at the kiddie hair salon

Buenos Aires is a place where everyone greets you (and says goodbye) with a kiss and an embrace. Men kiss each other. Ditto for the women. And of course men and women do it. And children greet every adult they are introduced to with a hello and goodbye kiss.
Children are doted on (as they are everywhere). PDA towards kids is common. Parents (and all relatives) show alot of affection to their kids. Children, tweens, teens, and young adults show affection for one another. The children do not act spoiled, they are well behaved and self assured. They have the best manners, table and otherwise I have ever seen. They also like being around adults of every age. Generations happily and easily mix here.
The shops that sell kids clothes, furniture, and toys are both humble and fancy, depending on the neighborhood. And there are plenty of them. This is not the same kind of consumer society we have in the USA. Smaller things are appreciated: a coloring book or a small toy.
This little hair salon for children is adorable. Of course it's in our (for now) fancy neighborhood of Las Cañitas.

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