Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Domino...No It's Not Decorno Writing To You...It's About Domino Español

From PlanDeco the only decor magazine in Buenos Aires with a bit of Domino flair

A sweet little room from the pages of PlanDeco Magazine

A mix that misses the mark - Domino please help!

Buenos Aires is filled with beautiful buildings, houses, and apartments
A quirky mix in PlanDeco, but it would be so much better if Domino Español was here to inspire

The only decor magazine in Buenos Aires that isn't DOA

A look inside shows a page of trendy blue items

This style of decor is where inspiration is stalled at

Dear Domino,
You don't know me. But I know you.
Just wanted to drop you a line from Buenos Aires.
Have you ever been here?
It's pretty fab, and very decor savvy.
There are thousands of great decor places to shop. The Buenos Aires Design Center is a super decor mall filled with great things.
There are lot of great looking buildings, and apartments.
The people on the street are super stylish.
Buenos Aires seems to be stuck in a design/decor rut. They do modern Euro flavored decor better than anyone. Every apartment building lobby has a chic couch, or pair of chairs, better than anything I own.
But, their decor magazines suck.
Each one is filled with page after page of static and sterile modern interiors. Nothing wrong with modern, but a little modage, modern + vintage, would go a long way here.
They closed the big flea market here. I was there 3 years ago, and it was good enough, but not like the great junk-o-ramas in the USA. There were a few groovy stores with mid century stuff nearby. There were a few stores with manufactured rustic antique looking things, but the wood was a little too shiny. Shabby chicness, love it or hate it, is not visible here. The kind of romantic, girly, rad and trad mix as shown in the pages of Domino, does not exist here.
Yet the people are so hip, so fashionalbe, so together.
They deserve Domino! They need Domino!
All the elements are here, they just need a guide to show them how to put it all together.
Conde Nast is a big, rich, and smart company. They must know that in a few years the majority population in the USA will be latin, Spanish speakers, as opposed to caucasian English speakers. So why not start Domino Español for the huge USA demographic, AND send it to Buenos Aires!
I enclose a few photos of the best decor magazine I could find. This costs what would be over $7. to the average Joe/Jane decorater-on-the-street. Other decor magazines cost $12. - $15.! And they are hideous, including the Spanish version of the dead-as-a-door-nail in any language, AD (Architectural Digest).
Please don't miss this great chance to make money and do some some good!
Yours truly,
visual vamp

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