Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pink Rooms For Sabina

Sabina has been longing for her own home to decorate for nearly three years. One space she has her eye on is an apartment in an old building with old details. The landlord painted the walls white, but as she puts it, it's a dead gray white. The apartment is imbued with a cool northern light, which doesn't help the dead white walls. She's thinking of sneaking a brighter wash of paint to brighten up the dead white. She's not sure she's allowed to paint the walls. I say go for it, just paint them, and if the LL bitches, just say you'll repaint it dead when you leave. There's some kind of nondescript Berber carpeting. She has accumulated some white accessories and textiles, and some pink things too. She's thinking of doing something with pink, so I started this clipping file for her. There is a nice page in this month's Country Living. I'm at the airport, and I don't want to buy the magazine to photograph the page right now. The photo shows some very sweet pale pink slipcovers with frayed edges that made me think of Sabina's dreams. So Sabina, if you read this, check out the current Country Living while you're on the check out line making groceries.

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