Monday, April 7, 2008

Real Rooms Request

I got a note from a wonderful visual vamp who puts many great spaces up on Rate My Space.
It is very easy for everyone to look at pictures on a blog or in a magazine, or watch a decor TV show, and remark on that space. It is far more difficult to put it all out there for the world to see and comment on.
Frenchkilt, as she is known on RMS, is a favorite contributor. She got highly rated with 4.1 stars for this space, with over 5, 409 views. Check out all her spaces there. Go to HGTV Rate My Space (it's listed in Blogs and Sites You Might Like), and just type in the word Frenchkilt in the search box.

She writes:

Hey there girl~~~if you ever decide to do some design details on the British Colonial style would love for you to use my Living Room~~~if you think it's worthy enough that is! (seriously)...reason being is there are very few BC styled rooms on for thought;)
There is nothing about this style I don't like and since we love to travel to the islands, we felt we wanted to bring this "feeling"'s exotic, relaxed and romantic all wrapped up into one and that's why we love it~~~hope you enjoy it;)


French said...

My sincerest thanks to you:) Nice to know the room that I worked 4 years on is finally blog worthy (lol) Won't make it to the convention as we are already in Jamaica at that time but maybe next one;) French said...

French darling, your work is way beyond blog worthy :-) I am honored to showcase any of your rooms, anytime, here on my little corner of blog world. Thanks for sharing your dedicated design vision with all of us! Have a wonderful time in Jamaica. VV

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite rooms. French, you can design my rooms any day. VV, great blog. You crack me up! Susan :)