Friday, April 11, 2008

New Table At Milan Design Week

'11' is a new table designed by GRO design and developed by TIM model makers. It is due to be exhibited for the first time at Milan Design Week later this month.
The thought behind the design was to reflect the many football stadiums built in recent years that are architecturally stunning, have become landmarks and represent the spirit and passion of the game. If the stadiums are becoming so spectacular, then why shouldn't the foosball tables? Much thought and care has gone into the craftsmanship and concept. The 22 players are finished in bright silver chrome that represents footballers' status in sport and society. The lighting effects and the software controlling the game add further excitement to the atmosphere and to the experience of playing the game.
And now that your appetite is whetted, and you have your credit cards ready, the bad news is. for now, only one prototype model exists. However, it will not be a surprise if they end up being manufactured very soon by the hundreds.

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