Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Is Old News, But I'm On A Jag

This is an article the hubs sent to me a few weeks ago entitled "Writers Blog Till They Drop".
He was concerned that my life insurance is paid up.
Also, when you read the article HERE check out the hilarious caption for this photo.

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mrsben said...

Read the article. Yes, the caption was funny but the article itself certainly does 'give food for thought'. Out of curiosity I tried a websearch on 'computer usage health studies' and pretty well came up empty handed. Results were generatlly basic when it came to side effects. ie: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Eye Strain (risk of Glaucoma), Circulatory Problems, Weight Gain, Addictive Behavior, Stress etc. Conclusion: With such little information on the subject the question for our era will remain. Should every 'Blogger' be concerned? It appears the Medical Community isn't. So HAPPY BLOGGING and all the better if you can get paid for it.