Saturday, April 26, 2008

How Much Money Do You Make? Decorno and The New York Times Want You To Tell

Recently on the hipper younger decor blog Decorno, the question was raised: How Much Do You Make? HERE
There was a huge response of comments. Funnily the bloginista Decorno declined to disclose her salary.
I have never been uptight about talking about money with someone I trust. To disclose on the inter net is not my cup of tea. Cash is my M.O. and it is dangerous to tell how much you have or don't have to just anybody. Robber hackers, IRS snitches, ex-es who want a piece of you, or it simply being one's own business, calls for one being prudent.
However Decorno was onto something, as witnessed in the Sunday New York Times Style Section HERE
Read the article: Not-So-Personal Finance.
And feel free to disclose your salary...maybe it will make you feel young and foolish again!

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